View Full Version : What should I drink tonight?

06-02-2012, 19:39
Can't decide what to drink tonight so I will leave it up to you! I have way too much open at the moment and need to make a conscious effort to drink my open stash.

Plan on having three pours..... What say you?

PHC Wheater 4th
GTS 2011
WSR 7yr 90
Saz 18 2011
Baby Saz
OWA CnB #58
SB 50/50 OWA & Weller 12
VWFRR 13yr
PVW 20 2008
PVW 15 2008
ORVW 10/107
WLW 2010
AH Hirsch Gold Foil 16yr
WTKS 3/5/01 11/E/11 Pewter
JPS 18yr Batch #14
Vintage 21 Rye
MM 46
EC 12yr
BMH small batch
Willet Rye SB 110pf

06-02-2012, 19:56
Drink up that Saz 18 - it ain't getting better!

06-02-2012, 19:58
I just finished Chuck's latest eBook so if I could indulge in "Being Tico" (aka John Malkovich), I'd try that A.H. Hirsch Gold Foil 16.

06-02-2012, 20:30
Nice selection there, Tico! If I were in your shoes, I would go with 3 ryes starting with the least sweet (I find that starting sweet and going the other way throws my palate off).

Pour 1: Sazerac 18 for the nice spice and floral notes; also the least sweet of the three. With the lowest proof, it is a good way to ease into thing. Take your time and exhale deeply while enjoying that finish.

Pour 2: Vintage 21 for the perfect proportions of spice, sweet, sour, and wood. A nearly perfect rye.

Pour 3: Van Winkle 13 for the lusciousness. The sweetness of this one is a good way to finish up - almost like your after-drink desert rye.