View Full Version : Bourbon Festival 20000

11-14-1999, 15:23
Can anyone help?? I am trying to find the date for the Bourbon Festival in Sept 2000. Would like to attend but need to plan now for
time off. Has the date been set yet?

11-14-1999, 20:11
It was September 16-19 this year. Call 502-348-4877 or 1-800-638-4877 for more information. That's the local tourism commission.

- chuck

11-16-1999, 13:09
Thanks for the phone numbers. Did you attend? If so, any special points of interest you would recommend?

11-17-1999, 09:41
I haven't been for a few years and having lived in the area and produced the bourbon documentary, I had already visited every distillery and every other point of interest. If Bardstown is new to you, then the highlights are the nearby distilleries themselves and the Oscar Getz museum.

- chuck

12-06-1999, 16:43
Dates for Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2000 are Sept. 14th thru 17th.
Come sit in "Pappy's" study at the Gala and have a drink.