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07-13-2003, 17:45
I have been lurking in these forums for a while. It was nice to find a group of people that shared my passion for good bourbon. I should have searched the web a little sooner for such a site.

Time for my first post. I have put together an excel spreadsheet for a bourbon database. It is posted on my website at dinkwad.com (http://www.dinkwad.com/) Feel free to download and modify for your own personal use. In addition to listing over 200 bourbons, their age, proof and current distiller; I have also listed some online prices for some of the popular internet liquor sites (as well as my home state liquor board pricing). The was derived from reading these boards, searching web sites, and from the main page of straightbourbon.com.

If I have made any glaring errors in database, please let me know.


07-13-2003, 18:14
Nice spreadsheet, thanks for sharing it! There were a few things I noticed you may want to know just to help update it a bit... Black maple Hill also made a 20 year expression though I am not exactly sure of its proof so I do not weant to steer you wrong, Black Maple Hill 15 year rye is 98.2 proof, Forester 1870 is 80 proof, Labrot & Graham President's Choice is 100.4, Blantons also made a cask proof bottling for the oversea's market, Thedford Colonial Style is 10 years old and 92.6 proof and produced in batches of 300, EW 23 yo is 107 proof, 1987 ewsb, Old Man Winter is 90 proof, Rowan's Creek 12 year old is 100.1 (50.05%) proof, Ezra Brook Single barrel 99 proof is 15 years old, Wild Turkey Freedom is 106 proof and 7-9 years old, and WT KY Legend single barrel barrel proof is 109.3 proof whereas an older bottling of regular WT KY Legend that was not a single barrel barrel proof is 101 proof, there was a WT 17 year old bottling done for Japan that was 101 proof, and an export bottling called Wild Turkey 1855 Reserve that was a barrel proof bottling just like Rare Breed that was 112.2 proof.

Just a few small things I noticed that may help you keep your list updated.

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07-13-2003, 18:32
Very nice! It surely kicks the pudding out of my first post.

Years ago when I was a budding spreadsheet jockey, I knew how to freeze the top row (with headers in it) as I scrolled the remainder. Now I wish I could remember how to do that.

Does the fact that I'm viewing the spreadsheet on your website prevent me from messing with it?

Yous truly,
Dave Morefield

07-13-2003, 18:43
If you right click on file on website, you should see a spot saying saving target as, click this and you can download to your computer and save and edit. I used to know how to freeze those headers as well; I am going to figure that out again.

Paraodox - thanks for the help. Part of this database came from trying to read the lables on the pictures from your web site:.)

07-14-2003, 13:54
If you left click on the row below the headers.
then go to tool bar and select FORMAT> in the drop
down window select FREEZE TITLES. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Thanks for taking the time to organize all this info.