View Full Version : OYO Red Winter Wheat Whiskey from Middle West Spirits

06-23-2012, 15:44
Anybody from Ohio (or anywhere else obv) ever try this? Saw it today, and it sounded interesting enough, but did not want to pay $45 without hearing from someone in the know first. Recommendations? Yay? Nay? Ha, to note, I actually have had this but only in icecream form. Jenni's out of Columbus uses it in some of their recipes.

06-24-2012, 18:58
I agree that 45 bucks is steep for young whiskey of any provenance, even one from my home state.

The flavors that I enjoy in bourbon come from time resting in the barrel so none of these young micros even cross my radar. I hope they are still around and are putting up some stuff for normal aging so that we can see how these recipes match up to the macros.