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07-05-2012, 21:03
Hi Everyone,

I live about 75 miles southeast of Buffalo. I'am new here and new to Bourbon.

Here is what I have tried so far Jim Beam White, Black and Devils Cut. Not fond of Devils cut, I really like black Label.
Also have tried Evan Williams Black and Evan Williams Single Barrel.

I know Evan Williams Single Barrel is known to be a good Bourbon, but the bottle I had all I could taste and smell
was alcohol and tried it different ways but the strong alcohol was always there. Maybe it was just me?

Could you guy's suggest some Bourbon(s) in the 86-100 proof that are smooth without a lot of alcohol burn?

Glad to be here,

07-06-2012, 07:05
Welcome JR! Always nice to see a "neighbor" stop by.

07-06-2012, 08:17

I suggest giving a try to Four Roses Yellow Label (a nice whiskey for hot summer), the slightly more expensive Four Roses Small Batch, Elijah Craig 12, Weller Special Reserve, and Old Weller Antique. Also worth trying are Wild Turkey and Old Grand Dad in their various proofs. All of these bourbons should be under $30/750ml, some of them down around $20, depending on local pricing and taxes.

If you find a little too much burn, add a little water or an ice cube (I tend to go for ice myself). Some people around here are also fond of mixing with ginger ale, soda water, or making cocktails. It's all up to your own taste. :D

07-08-2012, 17:47
From an ex-Western New Yorker ... welcome to the board! You may want to try Makers Mark, a wheated bourbon ... should meet your "smooth without a lot of alcohol burn" specification.