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Lucas Jackson
07-20-2012, 00:05
Hey Bourbonians,

I've been checking in occasionally - but have been fairly out of the loop.... is chat still around / temporarily down?

I have a new job at a new restaurant in pebble beach - Monterey, CA - and our bourbon selection is going to be sweet! I am very excited because the previous outlet I worked at within the company had a typical and tired selection of American whiskey. So if you want to come have an overpriced pour with a great view look me up =P Looks like we will have several of the BT premium offerings (many barrel proof, some BTAC and the new Col. Tay), and the pappy line (15/20/23) till its gone.

Miss yukin it up in chat with ya'll. My stash has replenished since my move; and chat was a great excuse to open bottles :cool:

Tonight it's a dram of ORVW 10/107. Delicious and just enough of that pappy profile to keep me from opening one of my three remaining bottles. On the other hand it lacks all the wonderful refinement and complexity of the pappy 15 and makes me want to open one....

Also, there is a decent contingent of SB'ers up in the bay area / central coast yes? Love to share a glass and have an excuse to open something special.

Cool Hand Luke

EDIT: I found Chat.... dur