View Full Version : Koenig fruit brandies

07-29-2012, 16:30
I bought bottles of Koenig pear and plum brandy this weekend while in PA. I've never seen the brand before, but there are so few "real" fruit brandies on the market that I couldn't pass them up.

Any opinions on the maker or the contents? I'll probably crack them open later for a taste.

07-29-2012, 17:32
Never heard of them, but they sound interesting. Crack one open and report back!

08-12-2012, 18:16
Since I've had plum brandy before I decided to open the pear first.

The bottle says that it is made with domestic Bartlett pears...30 pounds of fruit are used to make each 750ml bottle. It is aged for two years in glass carboys. Perhaps one of the distillers here who has made fruit brandy can chime in on that method.

The nose is the standard unaged distillate to me with the vegetal bourbon white dog note. Nothing fruity there at all.

On the palate, there's a bit of alcohol up front that fades to a non-specific fruitiness. On the finish, the pear comes on strong after the alcohol fades away and stays quite a while.

At 80 proof, it's a very refreshing sip with a cube in the glass and for an unaged spirit, not a hint of the hearburn that I get from very young whiskies. Perhaps the 2 years in glass does help with something?

When I'm in a white spirits mood, it's a nice pour.