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07-30-2012, 16:34
I just recently got very into to bourbon. My father-in-law got me into Manhattans made with canadian whiskey. I branched out a little from there and was drinking some Irish Whiskey. Around Kentucky Derby time this year, one of my friends had a party and served mint juleps, which were pretty good. I tried some of the Early Times Whiskey he used to make the Mint Juleps, and instantly enjoyed the flavor. So far I've had a few bottles of Woodford Reserve, which I found to be good. A bottle of Four Roses Yellow Label that I found to be a little bland. And my favorite so far was a bottle of Old Weller 107. I'm excited to keep trying and enjoying more bourbons, and gathering information from this great site.

08-01-2012, 08:42
Welcome to the site I hope you enjoy your time here. Post often, share your opinions, ask as manny questions as you like. Come join us in chat. Just have a good time.

08-01-2012, 11:54
I'm in Philly just across the river.

I haven't seen many people from our area actively posting but I know there are plenty of whiskey enthusiasts in the area because of all of the good stuff on the shelves and the wait lists for some of the more limited releases. I drive across the bridge about once a month or so to do some shopping. We should try to set up a meet up somewhere and share some bottles :)

08-01-2012, 18:41
Hello from South Jersey and welcome to SB!!

Lost Pollito
08-01-2012, 20:21
Hello from Chicago. You found a bourbon oasis with lots of great people.