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08-06-2012, 06:52
This thread is closed but I opened the bottles so I am reopening with a bit of additional info and questions HERE in this thread

http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/showthread.php?16142-Evan-Williams-bottling-year (photos are here)

According to this post the dual volumed labeled bottle is from 79 or 80 and the other one is older (78 or older)


With the number 79 and 74 on the bottom of bottle I get the thought that this COULD be the year the bottles were made. I know Larry from HH touches this subject, but the numbers have to mean something ???

Well, its just my guesses :-)

I reviewed the content here, sorry for the shameless selfpromotion http://danishwhiskyblog.blogspot.dk/2012/08/evan-williams-dusties.html

Now I am really peculior why these two old EW 7yo bottlings are SO different, it is almost the two most different bourbons on my shelf of almost 30 open bottles (most differences can easily be figured out to be due to age, mashbill, ABV or such in other cases)

Did something happen at HH around 1970 (give or take 2 years) ?


08-06-2012, 14:45
Seems to me that I read or was told that during that time period was when Parker took over running the distillery, and that the whiskey they had been producing was oilier and in a bad way. But whatever caused it, Parker fixed it, and if that is the case and by your tasting notes, he raised the still proof, which would indeed make it less oily.