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08-07-2012, 12:29
Hi All!
I stumbled upon this site during a google search for recommendations and have been hooked reading it since. I’m posting to both introduce myself, and ask for a little advice on where to go from here in exploring the world that is bourbon.
After reading, I am realizing I have done, in many ways, what all of you recommend not to do. In a former career I headed up sales for a specialty tea company, and was working to develop a distribution relationship in we had in Louisville, as such I stayed in Kentucky for about 4 months. That time spent working with restaurant owners and the like, and I was hooked on the world that is bourbon.

Unfortunately, being thrown into the world of high end restaurants the bourbons I tried were all of the very expensive ones, and quickly developed some favorites there. Now, wanting to take a step back, I have searched some of your suggestions on where to go to learn more.

I started with ORVW 12 year and then went into Pappy’s 20 year and loved them both (especially the 20!). From there some of the bourbons I have tried locally are Angel’s Envy (I thought it was OK but not the write home experience that was the 20 year) and Basil Haden (which I liked) and on the recommendation from the forums of understanding wheated I purchased some Weller SR the other night. I wasn’t largely a fan of this at all, it tasted very “fire watery” to me. Is this normal? Maybe I just had a bad experience tasting? Maybe I just need to develop my ability to taste bourbon better?

I’ll end my ramble – I’m looking to be coached a bit! Given how poorly I started at the top of the shelf how can I learn more, understanding I do come from a tasting background with Rishi Tea. What are your next step suggestions!

Thanks you all in advance!


08-08-2012, 08:02
Hi Patrick Welcome aboard! Apparently these restaurant owner didn't take the time to explain what you were drinking. You say you tried Weller SR to get the Wheater experience, the Van Winkles you drank were both wheaters. You liked the Basil Hayden then give Old Grand Dad Bottled in Bond a try. It's the same mash bill at a higher proof and lot less money. You might give Wild Turkey 101 a try as Basil Hayden is a high rye bourbon and so is WT. Do a lot more reading on here and come join us in chat. You can ask a a lot of questions in chat a get quick answers there or just kick back and have some fun BSing.

Young Blacksmith
08-08-2012, 08:35
Hi Patrick,

I'm not too far from you this week, but Friday I head back to Texas. You've got a good selection up here, both rye and bourbons. Much better rye selections than I have back home, but I think we get more bourbons.

I'd just start by picking up something that looks fun. I went with 200 and 375 ml bottles when I started out, as you can try a bit and not be stuck with something you don't really enjoy. (Old Charter 8)

I also suggest getting some Heaven Hill (Evan Williams or Elijah Craig) bourbons, and Four Roses stuff. Just try different distilleries and their products to find what you like. EC12 and 4R1B are two of my favorite always available inexpensive options.

Most importantly, have fun!

Ooh, and as far as WSR is concerned, I've never liked it. It always burns me.

08-08-2012, 12:07
Thank you both for the replies! I knew the Pappy was a wheated bourbon, I just wanted to try a wheated bourbon that wasn't at that ridiculous price point to see if that's what I liked about it or if I just liked them because they are incredibly high end.

I will pick up some Elijah and some Four Roses (I toured their distillery with my girlfriend when I was staying in KY!) and see what strikes me there. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who didn't particularly care for the WSR.

Young Blacksmith
08-08-2012, 13:44
Forgot to add, the two exported 4R products are just different bottle/label versions of 1B and yellow label. Same bourbon. If you go back, sign up for the mellow moments club, and do a "private tour". Well worth the extra attention, and the tasting at the end lets you sample all their products, even the exports.

White Dog
08-09-2012, 10:32
Welcome neighbor! I would suggest trying OWA and OGD 114. Both may be had for under $25 at the Men. Falls Otto's. Also, if you find yourself at Ray's or Discount, pick up an Old Ezra 7yr 101 for $16.99. Fantastic for the money, and probably all HH.