View Full Version : New Alltech distillery will join Kentucky Bourbon Trail

08-16-2012, 19:16
Pretty cool but I'll pass on the UK signed Calipari bottle.



08-16-2012, 19:18
Maybe LDI can do a label for you in Crimson and Crean.

But yeah, definitely will be checking the place out.

08-16-2012, 19:38
The press release was confusing about the name. Apparently it's Town Branch Distillery, but it's part of Alltech's Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company, whose parent company is Alltech, the nutrigenomics company (whatever that is). This idea of a major company in an only peripherally related business (they make yeast) funding (generously) a micro-brewery and micro-distillery is something we haven't seen before. Alltech is a big, international company. They're in Lexington because of the horse breeding business. They have been a bit less than transparent about the spirits products they are currently marketing, but this certainly is an interesting development -- for Kentucky, for Lexington, and for the micro-distillery movement.