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08-22-2012, 12:29

Interesting that there is home brewing take place in the White House. I wonder if that is the first time
alcohol has been produce on the premises?

08-22-2012, 15:51
Jono, would you mind giving us a summary of the link that you provided so as we don't have to see what you are talking about.
I ask this because it has been my personal experience with Fox News links and their TV broadcasts that they just basically make stuff up as they go along.
But please don't misunderstand me because I see nothing wrong with that because Fox News is just an entertainment source not a news source as admitted by them.
Again, please, don't take offence but then how could you, you aren't employed by Fox News,...are you?

Bourbon Boiler
08-22-2012, 16:00
Here's a version from USA Today.


08-22-2012, 16:31
USA Today?
Not much of an improvement, did they provide a lot of muti-colored pie charts?
How about a summary?

Bourbon Boiler
08-22-2012, 16:59
Obama (and/or his staff) has been homebrewing in the White House. There is a petition circulating to have him release the recipe of the flavor(s) that have been bottled and are available on certain campaign busses. The honey from the First Ladies' garden is a known ingreedient of two of the beers. Also, someone filed a request for the recipe under the Freedom of Information Act.

08-22-2012, 17:05
Are they keeping it under the 100 gallons per person in the household as per the law that that Jimmy Carter signed into effect in 1979?
Wait a minute,... beer, Obama, Carter,...something's not right.

White Dog
08-22-2012, 19:57
Jono knows damn well that Harding's still was running day and night.

08-23-2012, 07:06
This would explain some of the decisions coming out of the white house:slappin:.

Bourbon Boiler
09-01-2012, 17:06
The formula has been released.


09-03-2012, 22:06
Notice he brews a Honey Porter. My favorite beer used to be Sam Adams Honey Porter. Sadly, they discontinued it.

09-07-2012, 12:58

Brewers to make White House beers

Wasatch Brewing...."We’re going to call it El Presidente Honey Ale"

If it is good stuff go for it.

Bourbon Boiler
09-09-2012, 03:33
Not to turn the thread, but I love the comment under the article "He didn't brew that."

I'd like to give this a try, you know, to practice good citizenship.