View Full Version : How much longer will Rendezvous Rye be the original formula?

08-30-2012, 17:24
I must admit, of all the ryes in the world that I love, Rendezvous is something very special. Apart from VWFRR, (which I have been able to find a grand total of ONCE in my entire 4+ year love affair with rye,) and Saz 18 (which I've worked hard to find more of,) Rendezvous really does have the perfect flavor profile for my palate...but I know that 16 year old Barton rye can't last forever......

SO, does anyone know the latest on this product? I had heard they would be putting it on allocation, which is fine, but I had also heard that it might get a reworking soon to keep the brand/label afloat for a bit longer...does anyone have any good info on this?

I ask because unlike VWFRR, which is like gold out here in CA, I can still find Rendezvous if I hunt hard enough...and I'll be damned if I don't get at least 4 bottles of it to stash when the product is at it's end of lifespan.

Anybody got the inside track?



White Dog
08-30-2012, 18:09
This is a question for Mr. Viognier.

08-31-2012, 08:16
If he's not available, maybe Mrs Syrah or Rev. Roussanne?

08-31-2012, 11:42
There was never a pipeline supply of the older rye available, so it has to be finite, although such a small brand might run for a very long time on a one-off ingredient. Look at Van Winkle Rye.

08-31-2012, 17:52
This is a question for Mr. Viognier.
And if Mr. Viognier is going to be here answering questions anyway, I'd like to pose a follow up.

If it's the same recipe (Barton 16 + LDI/MGP 6), what's with the batch numbers? Does each batch indicate different barrels selected from each component Rye? A tweak of the ratio maybe? Any difference at all? Or is it all just vatted in a big stainless tank and the batch numbers are nothing more than marketing? (If so, it's OK, you can tell us. All secrets are safe at SB. ;) )

09-02-2012, 16:29
Hey, Guys! Sorry...just saw this post (don't know how I missed it before). Contrary to what has been whispered around the trade, we have plenty of RR to last us for at least the next 4-5 years. And it is the same recipe. As for the batch numbers, these have real value, and are not at all marketing-related. Each batch number refers to when it was bottled. Our bottling tank can hold approximately 2,400 bottles of whiskey. Before we dump barrels, we mock up the proposed blend and conduct a sensory evaluation against a finished bottle of the same whiskey. This way, we ensure consistency of product. This week, Whiskey Advocate posted a recent visit to our facility, where the author took part in one of our regular sensory trials.

BTW, Josh, I'm happy to see that you know how to spell Roussanne. Most of us winemakers don't even know. :)

09-04-2012, 07:13
Thanks for the information, Mat! And I wish I could take credit for proper spelling of Roussanne, but my friend cut & paste helped me out there. :)