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10-10-2012, 16:01

"I regard it as the greatest body builder and nerve tonic in the world. It keeps my system in a normal, healthy condition, and I heartily recommend it
to every one who wishes to be strong and healthy."

A terrific number of old newspaper ads for various whiskeys, patent meds if you get a chance to pull up any from the late 19th century etc.

It cures Grip and Consumption (TB) too! And malaria, bronchitis and other lung diseases.



Duffy's ...Rochester, NY


Tuesday, May 31, 2011
How Mr. Duffy Outwitted Uncle Sam

"....Duffy’s unsupported claim that “malt whiskey” really was medicine even convinced some Temperance advocates. Duffy backed up his fiction by concocting a story that his remedy was made from a formula worked out fifty years earlier by “one of the World’s Greatest Chemists.” The distiller featured a trademark of a bearded scientist who apparently had discovered this wonder liquid. Shown here on the back of a giveaway hand mirror and trademark the old gent appeared on many Duffy items. Duffy insisted that his product was protected from infringement by “low grade impure whiskey” by “the Patented Bottle--Round, Amber Colored, and with Duffy blown into the glass.”