View Full Version : "Sour mash" strawberry liquer!

10-17-2012, 22:07
Was at a local liquor store today. In the middle of the bourbon section, there was a bottle with pink liquid in it. I can't remeber the brand name, but it was 77 proof and the label said "sour mash" strawberry liquer. I guess with bourbon popularity running high, producers willl do anything to sell their product. This stuff stuck out like a sore thumb on the shelf in the bourbon section!


10-17-2012, 23:54
It's called Sweet Revenge, we get it out here. Knock off JD bottle. I agree, that nasty pink stuff looks awful sitting next all that sweet, sweet bourbon.

10-18-2012, 11:11
It's made in good ol' Philadelphia...

My friend brought that over one time, because she is a girl and easy swayed by advertising. Needless to say it smells like Strawberry Chapstick and Starburst and manages to taste worst that both. Maybe you could get away with a jigger of this in a frozen strawberry margarita, but it's terrible.