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10-18-2012, 14:48
Good Day All-

We have arranged to be staying near the Lakeview Binny's which means I will get a chance to stop there this weekend.

I guess the big question is what should I buy??

Anything in particular that is specific to Binny's maybe one of their private bottlings?

Maybe something not available in Michigan? Here is a link to what we can get here- http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-35299_10570_14173---,00.html

Appreciate any feedback and looking forward to a great weekend.

Best regards, Tony

10-18-2012, 14:59
Private barrels are always interesting IMO... but from what I hear, Binny's is so full of good stuff that "what should I buy?" will be a trivial question and your bigger problem will be "how can I stop buying things?"

For me personally the most enticing thing would be the 4R1B barrel strength selections.

10-18-2012, 15:16
like the other poster said, the question is "what shouldn't I buy?"

You can't go wrong with most of their offerings.

THe other thing to keep in mind is, look around at the rest of their offerings too. Besides the bourbon, there is a whole selection of other great items. during my last visit, the item that I'm really enjoying that I picked up there was a bottle of Gran Classico bitters. Really a great product if you are into that group of items. I'll always give the amaro/bitters section a hard look as well as the bourbon to see what is available that I can not get locally.


Dolph Lundgren
10-19-2012, 07:47
CEHT Binny's select barrel. Very good, and unique.

10-19-2012, 12:09
At Binny's?


10-19-2012, 15:54
There's a $40,000 bottle of cognac in the "special" locked room at the South Loop store that has your name on it Tony. :slappin:

Seriously, I'd try at least a couple of Binny's private bottlings. I can't speak of their CEHT, but the bottlings they do of ERSB, BT, and Blanton's are always pretty good. They also have all ten of their own bottlings of the FRSB variations.

I hope you, your wife, and your friends have a good time. Be sure and post to let us know how the weekend went. Cheers! Joe

10-19-2012, 18:14
I will go out on a limb,if you are a FR guy the OBSK and OESO are top picks for me.I will also agree with Joe that all are quite good selections on the BT products,I have never had one disappointment with any of them.

10-19-2012, 18:39
Their closeout liquor bin can be pretty awesome too. I mean at the South Loop Binny's at least. Last year I scored a bottle of Etter's Framboise (Swiss raspberry spirit) for around $30 (it costs around 50 or so francs in Switzerland) and 2 bottles of Killepitsch for $10 each (herb liqueur from Düsseldorf that's much, much better than Jägermeister and costs 18-20 euros in Düsseldorf).

But yeah, pretty much what everyone else said. Soooo much good stuff! It's like a candy store for adults.

10-19-2012, 19:40
Really impressed with the Larceny and Jefferson's 18 I picked up at Binny's South Loop earlier this week! I stopped by the Lakeview location (lots of road construction, so watch out!), and they seemed to have a fairly similar selection.

10-22-2012, 12:57
Very cool place- NEED one in Michigan.

Found the bourbon isle and I did not see any of the special bottlings of Four Roses, was told they were out and waiting on more, kind of a bummer. I did decide to get the Jefferson's 18 as it was distilled the year my son was born which is cool. I also picked up a handle of the Larceny since I am not sure when it might show up in Michigan. I then spoke to a helpful gentleman and asked him if he had anything in the back he could part with and I got myself an Eagle Rare 17 from this year and the PHC from this year. All in all a good pick up. Thanks for all the help everyone.


Max Power
10-22-2012, 20:41
Riazul Anejo tequila. You can thank me later. It tastes like you want everything to taste like on Christmas. Lots of oak and cinnamon. Just delicious.