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10-22-2012, 18:07
Went to a local bar after work to kill some time before meeting the missus. They had "Old Weller 107" on the menu for 6.75 for a single pour. From where I was sitting I could see their bottles, and it turned out, what the menu was referring to was the straight-sided, paper labeled 7 year Weller 107. So of course I ordered it. The bartender poured the whiskey, emptying the bottle, then went back for the second, teardrop shaped Buffalo Trace vintage OWA bottle behind it. I got up in a hurry and stopped him before he combined the pours. I told him that I would just take the pour as he had made it, because I was really interested to see what the old style of the Weller 107 was like. He did me one better though, and gave me the rest of the pour in a separate glass. So I got to sit down and compare the old Weller 107 to the new OWA (NAS).

It was quite illuminating! The old 107 was incredibly smooth, and had an almost scotch-like smokey-peatyness. Very little flavor, otherwise, though. The new OWA was really hot and candy-like, as I would have expected. It clearly needed to have some air. The older one might have gotten too much air, but it definitely seemed much more elegant, in any case. The new OWA had lots of flavor, big and ingratiating.

Just a really cool experience for 8 bucks, including tip.

Restaurant man
10-25-2012, 08:01
It pays to be heads up when ordering bourbon in a bar or more importantly, surveying the shelf at a strange store. Nice work

10-25-2012, 08:40
Very cool. I wouldn't be too quick to judge the 7 year old on this tasting though. Keep in mind that you have no idea how long that 7 year old had been sitting on the bar with less than a full pour in the bottle. That's a lot of oxygen and a small amount of whiskey and oxidation definitely takes a toll on flavor.

11-17-2012, 18:38
It is also worth noting that OWA either the age stated stuff or the NAS tends to benefit from a little air. So I wouldn't be too quick to judge the NAS either.

I recently picked up a new bottle of the NAS stuff and it is soooo gooood. Most of the NAS that I have been drinking was purchased not long after the age statement went away. The older age satated OWA would have numbers embossed into the glass in the bottom, if I recall the year could be closely estimated by the numbers '04, '05, '06 etc. I remember '08 sucking and being visibly lighter in color than earlier bottlings. This was just befor the loss of the age statement. Basically, I'm saying the product is improving. let's hope it stays improved.

The bottoms newer bottles of the NAS have a slightly different shape; a deeper concave shape.

Also, does anyone remember, were those little dots around the base an indication of when the glass was manufactured and therefor can be used as a rough guide in estimating when the dump took place?

11-22-2012, 20:25
I knew such things at one time Brad but now I'm hard pressed to recall what I had for breakfast. I will say though we are fortunate to have access to either expression for what amounts to a bargain price for such high proof spirits.