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11-02-2012, 19:30
Hi everybody. I'm Jason and from the Northern Virginia/DC area. I've been lurking around for a little while now and just recently decided to sign up and become more active in the forums. I'm relatively new to bourbon; have been drinking it for a while, but have been paying it more attention as of late - if that makes sense.

I like bourbon and cigars. Simple.

Looking forward to participating and learning from you all here!

11-02-2012, 20:05
Welcome aboard Jason. Like you, I had been drinking bourbon for a while but hadn't gotten into until the last couple of years. Hopefully you'll find the beginning to be the most fun part as there's always new stuff to try. All of the suggestions on here will make it hard to chose what to buy next but you'll get to them all eventually.

Restaurant man
11-03-2012, 06:38
Nice. Welcome. You will find all you are looking for and MORE in these pages. Go ahead an pop those expensive bottles. Just don't drink em too fast

11-08-2012, 17:45
Welcome, Jason. I know the NoVa area well. Used to live there.

11-08-2012, 18:30
Hey Jason, I live downtown - if you ever want to meet up at Jack Rose or Bourbon, I'm only a PM away!

11-09-2012, 07:57
Welcome to the site! I'm a cigar smoker as well

11-09-2012, 12:15
I work in Alexandria. There are some serious cigar stores around here.

11-10-2012, 19:30
Welcome, I am back in MD, but spend much time in DC since I used to live and work there (same with VA). Enjoy your stay.

11-10-2012, 22:55
Thanks for the warm welcome everybody. Lots and lots of stuff to read here... I'm already feeling at home.

I'm in Arlington, so definitely a quick hop into DC

BTW - bad_scientist - I like to believe I'm relatively intelligent, but I can't seem to figure out how the hell to pm you.

11-14-2012, 18:25
Can you guys tell me the good stores in DC other than Snyder's and Ace that have good bourbon selections?... Thanks...

11-14-2012, 21:17
Howdy Jason and welcome from up in Michigan.

Bourbon and Cigars are two of my favorite things as well that always seem to go together well.

Best regards, Tony