View Full Version : Catdaddy Spiced Moonshine - North Carolina

11-23-2012, 13:03
Tried some of this on Thanksgiving and found it to be an easy sipper that reminded us more of a vanilla / nutmeg / citrus note vodka or light rum than moonshine.
It would make for a decent summer drink.


"Catdaddy is crafted for cocktails"

11-23-2012, 15:34
This is a neutral spirits product; its similarity to vodka might have something to do with that?

Seems that a lot of these things labeled "moonshine" turn out to be neutral spirits.

11-23-2012, 23:54
I suppose some moonshine is identical to a corn derived grain neutral spirit but not all depending on addition of flavorings and source of alcohol if not grain.

11-24-2012, 07:13
There's no TTB class for Moonshine, so these are typically GNS derived.

The Catdaddy COLA's point to corn based GNS.

11-24-2012, 09:10
The JD Rye mess with the TTB has me wondering if these products are actually derived from neutral spirits or if they're victims of the same labeling issue.

In this case, since it's a corn distillate, it seems clear that it was distilled to more than 160 proof - it isn't labeled corn whiskey. But there's a lot of room between 160 and 195. We get this distiller's other product, Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon, here in Utah; I'd be more likely to try it if I knew it were closer to whiskey than vodka.

One other curious thing: the pictures on the Catdaddy website in the "Distillery" section do not include a picture of the actual still. Wonder if they have one?