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11-27-2012, 08:03
Is there a way I can determine the date on older bottles? They aren't super old, probably the 80's at the earliest but I was curious to try to date them a little more accurately if possible. I suspect they came from seasonal gift packs from that time period. They are unopened but have no tax stamp. If they were gift packs they wouldn't likely have on on the bottle anyway would they?

Is there likely to be much difference between these older bottles and the current juice?

11-27-2012, 15:33
It's very unlikely. That's the thing with blends. It's much easier to keep the taste absolutely consistent from year to year than it is with straights.

11-27-2012, 15:57
Good point. May try to open one this weekend and give it a try although I don't have any newer bottle for comparison (and don't have any plans to buy one!).

11-27-2012, 17:11
I agree that these are likely to be quite consistent with today's, but still, you should try them against a current bottling, otherwise there is no "gain" or information to glean from these older bottlings. You are looking at distillate probably made in the mid-70's and some of it may go back to the 50's, in fact.

Usually you can buy a half-bottle or even a mini of Crown to do the comparison.

Your notes (if so inclined) would be appreciated. I do enjoy reading about older finds but rare is the post that will actually give a taste note...


11-27-2012, 17:48
I had a chance to buy a case of gift packs from the late 70's and all the bottles had tax stamps

11-28-2012, 10:01
I will track down a small bottle of current Crown for comparison. These are likely from the 80's rather than the 70's so probably that is why there is not tax stamp.

I suspect on closer inspection they are from 2 different purchases They look very similar to current bottles except one doesn't have the blue ring wrapped around the neck with crowns on it. That bottle has been opened (apparently I had the same habit of trying everything at least once when I got it even back then!) so perhaps the ring label has fallen off over time? The embossed symbols on the bottom of the bottle are also different.


The only distinguishing numbers are printed on the bottom of the bottle.

No ring on neck: 03 285 5 1538

Newer looking with blue ring on label: 15470458 (No spaces like the other one has)

Don't have any idea if these numbers mean anything.

Completely off the subject my father gave me what was left of a mini bottle collection of Aquavit, (6 full, 1 half full, 1 empty and 2 AWOL) he got in Stockholm nearly 50 years ago. Turns out you can still get a similar collection (http://www.amathusdrinks.com/svenska-nubbar-miniature-pack.html) of "Svenska Nubbar" from Riemersholms in various places (airport duty free, gift shops and the like) even today.

Seems I have yet to figure out why some pictures show up in the post and some as attached thumbnails.

12-02-2012, 11:29
Had a few friends over last night and one of our activities was trying out the older CR against a new bottle. The older bottle has been open, although with only a small amount missing, for some time. The new bottle was of course just that, new!

Don't drink a lot of CR anymore but the general consensus, including a regular CR drinker, was that the older bottle was more "mellow" but otherwise similar to the newer bottle which seemed a bit more hot or harsh. This was a finding shared by all of us. Other than that it was pretty similar. Not sure if having been open a long time is the primary reason for the difference.

12-02-2012, 13:29
I'd say at best, the older CR was from the '80s. If they had a strip even with a 1970s date, the bottling date would have been 10 years later, and they stopped that practice in the 80s. I've never seen a CR with a '80s vintage on it.

Perhaps some day you'll come across an older CR (check estate sales in your area). It's some of the best Canadian I've tasted. I do think current CR, while thinner than in past, is still a good pony.
Thanks for the notes!