View Full Version : Spicy Chinese and Bourbon

08-12-2003, 16:22
My wife and I had dinner last night at a PF Changs, which is a upscale national chain of Chinese restaurants. We ordered two entrees that were spicy. My wife ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and I asked what bourbons they had. They had all the small batch plus Woodford Reserve.

I ordered Bookers neat. This is my favorite bourbon that I don't own a bottle of. The point of the post is to say how wonderfully it paired up with the spicy food. It is sweet and strong without being overpowerfull. The food overwhelmed my wife's wine and it cost more then the bourbon.

Anybody else suggest their favorite food type bourbon type combo?

08-12-2003, 16:29
just realized this probably belongs in the food section, but I don't know how to move it.....

08-12-2003, 19:35
I have little to add as far as suggestions, but it is something intresting to note how sometimes different foods interact with bourbons... some are just nasty, but sometimes it works out nicely... I was at a wine tasting once and was instructed to get a little bit of lemon juice on my tongue and then taste a wine that we had previously tasted... in that case it was like a totally different wine... I guess similar things can happen with bourbon and foods as well...


08-12-2003, 22:52
Boy this thread is a coincidence for me...I had some spicy chinese food for dinner tonight (carry-out from a great place a block away) and thought "Would bourbon go with this?". Being a scientist, I decided to do the experiment by having a nip of Buffalo Trace. And it was GOOD! I was afraid the combo of bourbon and spicy food would be too much, but the two really complimented one another. I highly recommend it. Though it's hard to think of a situation where Buffalo Tace wouldn't taste good.