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12-18-2012, 16:09
Longtime lurker, finally took the plunge and signed up. Have been drinking bourbon for a few years now, and like many here, I came over from scotch. I enjoy the generally sweeter profile of bourbon by comparison, especially if I am having many… But my affinity for some really peaty scotches also lead me to a taste in rye. So, after my initial foray into bourbon, I went heavy into the rye for a bit. Now I am in the process of trying to hone in on bourbons that have a higher rye content in the mashbill in order to try and find my sweet spot between the two. That being said, I really haven’t met many whiskeys that I don’t like…There always seems to be something to fit the occasion and my mood.

I probably started out on the wrong end of the spectrum to start, and am now working my way backwards. I was spoiled to be exposed to some of the BTAC and PVW early on, and back when I was working had the cash to burn on some of them. Luckily my bunker is pretty deep. Now I am back in graduate school and trying to find a nice middle point to it all in the $30-50 range. I used to drink cocktails on occasion, started out with perfect Rob Roys, but inconsistent bartending and a growing appreciation for the underlying product itself lead me to abandon them most of the time and just stick straight to the whiskey.

My every day drinking stuff is a little limited at the moment mostly OGD and Rittenhouse rye, but I am working to improve that and have found the forums very useful for that end. They have also inspired me to make a habit out of dusty hunting, though I feel I am going to need to create a cheat sheet for myself as a way to keep track of old names and things to look for on the label (tax stamp!). Otherwise, I look forward to trying some various store’s bottlings and barrel selections. Do any of the NYC area people have any experience with astor barrel selections? I was browsing their website and they seem to have a four roses single barrel selection and a 1792 Ridgemont, but I was unsure of whether they were something special or just given some sort of “astor seal of approval.”

I look forward to hopefully contributing some on the site, and am eager to learn more from everyone. Thanks, and happy holidays, Matt

12-18-2012, 16:30
Hey b&b, welcome aboard. To answer your query I would automatically say Old Grand Dad but since you have a supply let's move on to 1792. The Barton mash bill is not as rye heavy as OGD but the house style does emphasize the rye element in the finished whisky. Since we're talking about their top end, think of 1792 as graduate level Barton. Look forward to your tasting notes.

12-18-2012, 17:50
Welcome aboard bacon! Glad to see another member on here from the mile square. I have yet to take the plunge on any of the Astor or Park Ave private selections as of yet but will probably remedy that in the near future as private selections from other stores seem to be pretty highly regarded on here.

12-19-2012, 21:36
thanks guys, i appreciate the advice. will let you know what happens