View Full Version : Two I haven't seen before.

11-17-1999, 19:45
Although I probably just overlooked them in the past, I saw two labels today that I have no experience with or knowledge of. One of them was Rock Hill Farms and the other was Henry McKenna Single Barrel. I've had other expressions of McKenna before, but Rock Hill Farms is totally new to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


11-18-1999, 13:48
Rock Hill is another single barrel from Buffalo Trace, i.e., it is a stablemate of Blanton's. Henry McKenna is a venerable name in Kentucky whiskey that used to have its own distillery, which was bought by Seagrams and eventually closed. Seagrams retained the brand for non-U.S. distribution but sold the U.S. rights to Heaven Hill. The McKenna single barrel product is Heaven Hill whiskey, as is any other Henry McKenna expression sold in the U.S. If I remember correctly, it's the oldest single barrel bourbon you can buy.

- chuck