View Full Version : Which BTAC would you get?

12-27-2012, 15:44
So, the wife and are going out of town for new years, and it looks like I might have a chance to pick up a bottle from the btac line. The store in question has a couple bottles of each, except for the saz (which would make it an easy choice.) I currently have:
Most of a bottle of 2012 stagg
A third of a bottle of 2012 wlw, plus another unopened
Half a bottle of 2012 saz 18
A third of a bottle of 2011 handy

I'm leaning towards getting a bottle of eagle rare 17, as I've never tried it. Though they all have their appeal. What would you do (assuming you don't have the means to just buy them all?)

12-27-2012, 15:48
Pure set-up. Answer - 'Stay at Home'.

12-27-2012, 15:53
If you are leaning towards the ER17 that is what I would probably go with.The ER is 19yrs and a month old this year and is the best of that line that I've had in quite a few years,FWIW.You already have all the other expressions in the line with the exception of the Saz and as its seems you don't have a shot at that one,so for me I would probably go along with your original decision as well.

12-27-2012, 20:30
Oh get the Eagle Rare certainly, it's good whisky that you haven't tried. While you're at it you might pick up a basic library reference whisky like Barton or something similar that's not available in your area.

12-27-2012, 20:53
This year was supposed to be one of the better years for ER 17.