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12-28-2012, 12:52
Hey ya'll!

I'm new here from Central Kentucky.

I've grown up around bourbon and the bourbon industry.

My go to bourbon would probably be Sazerac Rye. I am a sucker for the Sazerac cocktail!

I also really love bourbon balls... but I don't think that really counts!

12-28-2012, 14:29
Sure it counts girl, all things Bourbon are discussed here. Welcome aboard.

Tennessee Dave
12-28-2012, 15:02
Welcome from Eastern Tennessee

12-28-2012, 15:03
Howdy and welcome from up in Michigan.

I am a sucker for a well made Sazerac myself.

Best regards, Tony

12-28-2012, 15:04
Welcome from another Central Kentuckian! There are a few of us here but it's always good to add to our ranks. WE ARE LEGION. So who you got in the game tomorrow?

12-28-2012, 21:45
MMmmm... Sazerac... As one who grew up in New Orleans, I've got a soft-spot for that cocktail. Welcome to SB!

12-29-2012, 08:07
I am definitely a UK fan! Probably going to be enjoying a few cocktails while watching the game today!

12-29-2012, 09:24
C-A-T-S that spells bourbon!

12-29-2012, 14:41
From another Central Kentuckian, welcome!

12-29-2012, 14:46
Welcome, from another new member. I didn't make my Christmas bourbon balls this year, but I'm thinking about remedying that on Monday. Thanks for the reminder.

12-30-2012, 17:44
Welcome! I'm fairly new here as well. You will have a great time on here.

12-31-2012, 11:37
Welcome, and please post often. Too much testosterone around here sometimes. :lol:

Cheers and I hope you'll be able to make it to the Sampler this April!

01-07-2013, 11:41
Welcome from a newby in Lexington

01-20-2013, 15:42
Welcome to the group