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12-28-2012, 18:51
Hi all. I'm a newb trying to balance my responsibilities to search with those of not hijacking a thread, and I have read so much here in the past two days I can't find what I was looking for. So:

Yesterday I bought a bottle of EWSB Vintage with a 2001 sticker on the front (barreled December of 01, bottled October of 2011). Based on my reading, I assume that is what has been called the EWSB 2011. I bought it at Total Wine, and on the front, there is another part of the label that says "specially selected by Master Distiller Craig Beam for Total Wine and More". Will this be any different from the EWSB 2011 that I've seen being talked about here on SB (other than the variations that occur naturally from barrel to barrel?

When I left Total Wine, I drove to the only copy of ABC Liquors within an hour's drive, because they stock Weller and no one else seems to (Weller is ANOTHER thread, which I will start shortly, but back on topic). I asked about EWSB, as there was none on the shelf. The manager called another store, and they had six bottles. I asked what vintage, and it's the 2002 product, bottled this year, so they will move a bottle to this closer store for me to pick up next week. Here's my second question: did I really read a thread here that discussed the 2011 vs. the 2012, or did I dream it? I seemed to recall that almost everyone said the 2012 was better. If that's correct, I may leave the 2011 unopened to take back, and just drink the 2012.

12-28-2012, 18:58
Each year is different. Each barrel is different, really, but they're selecting for the same characteristics in each vintage. The 2011 bottle is an example of a private barrel, where the retailer got every bottle from that barrel, and has a high likelihood of being good since it was hand selected.

EWSB is a good value. I recommend you drink both and see what you think, and see the different expressions that can come from the same mashbill.

jeffrey r
12-28-2012, 19:00
The bottlings are referred to by the barreling date, so 2001 and 2002, not 2011 and 2012. And anecdotally, of the recent vintages, the 2000 is the highest regarded, then it seems the 2002, with the 2001 being the lowest regarded. Not like the 2001 will be a bad bourbon, but it may not be better than the 2002's that are on the shelves now.

12-28-2012, 19:19
Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I'll open the 2001 tonight, and look forward to the 2002 next week.

12-28-2012, 22:42
I have a 2002 and it is good. One of the few bourbons that I can drink in quantity neat.

12-31-2012, 17:35
So I opened the 2001 tonite, and my notes are here:


You guys that are enjoying the 2002 - Can you give me some barrel numbers? I'm going EW hunting tomorrow.

01-05-2013, 14:22
Some good friends stopped by to visit a week ago and brought us a bottle of Evan Wiliams Single Barrel Vintage 2002 bottling. What a complex, lingering, and excellent bourbon. A 1/2 bottle remains a week later. (Great friends to have...).

B.B. Babington
01-05-2013, 18:52
EWSB is a lot of fun. I find variability. Go to the store and get a bunch of different ones. Look for different barrel # and different months. It can really vary over the course of a year. I've had some EW that was really amazing, easily as good as Parkers or better, but then others..... If ya find a great one, then go back and clean the shelf.