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01-12-2013, 01:04
I found this project being run on Kickstarter and thought it was an interesting piece some people may enjoy. The artist is creating oil paintings of 5 different spirit bottles and selling prints of them. He is also willing to do a commissioned piece outside of the 5 for a price.

Disclaimer:I put this link up after consulting with some of the SB mods. I do not know the artist involved with the project or have any stake in its success. I would also recommend anyone with an interest in supporting it, familiarize themselves with how kickstarter projects work. I am only sharing this with the forum as a topic of interest.

01-12-2013, 10:55
Not sure how Bacardi fits. Yeah, it is made in Puerto Rico which is an American territory (in part because I have no say in the matter. I would happily free them from the shackles of our tyranny and let them become their own country ASAP) but it is originally a product started by a Spaniard and made in Cuba (and yes I am familiar with the long saga of American involvement there as well) that was made in Puerto Rico owned by a company who has its headquarters in a British territory (Bermuda).

Seems like there could have been better choices for a project entitled "American Booty"! I suppose he wanted a rum and a recognized name (but then why pick Hangar One other than it happens to be made in the US and he wanted to include a vodka because so many people drink vodka?)

Doesn't seem like there would be anything wrong with five perfectly good American made bourbons to me!

Then again Wild Turkey is owned by an Italian company. At least JD, MM and Hangar One are American whiskey made by American companies as best I can tell in the incestuous world of liquor.

01-12-2013, 12:02
I agree the choice of Bacardi is somewhat tenuous. However it would probably surprise some people to know that it does have a made in the USA bill(some people don't even realize Hawaii is a state). As for Hanger One, if I am not mistaken it is from California same as the artist. So maybe there is a certain knowing relationship between the two parties. Or he could be using it to tout a locally made product. If he were in Washington my guess would be Dry Fly vodka as the subject matter.

Since I am here, I would just like too say that one reason for starting this thread was to invite discussion about bourbon, whiskey and spirits in general in the world of art. Similar to our current bourbon in the movies thread. For example, absinthe and its consumption was a popular topic in painting near the beginning of the 1900's. So, discuss.

01-12-2013, 12:32
A bottle of good Bourbon is a work of art.

01-12-2013, 12:38
A bottle of good Bourbon is a work of art.
You sir are a gentleman and scholar. Well played.