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01-16-2013, 09:45
I just opened my first bottle of Pure Kentucky XO, purchased a while back. NAS, 107 proof, Batch QBC No. 10-96, DSK-KY-78. After the initial pour (pale color, okay nose, good legs, tasted okay--young and not very complex, with finish a little off) , I noticed I had stirred up some "stuff" from the bottom of the bottle. Small particles like fish-food flakes, some flat and others cylindrical, sort of an opaque paraffin-like white. I'm not squeamish about it, but will likely strain the bottle before future imbibing. Anyone else seen a bonus like this in their Pure Kentucky? Any idea what the flakes are? Cheers, Chuckles

01-16-2013, 09:57
It's solidified fats, I think. There have been a few threads about this. Consensus is that it's nothing to worry about.


01-16-2013, 10:25
Chuckles that's the sort of thing that gave rise to chill filtering in the first place. No cause for alarm but I'd filter it anyway, just 'cause.

01-16-2013, 10:29
Interesting that you thought it tasted young. In the description on all my bottles (some purchased recently) it says at least 12 years old.

01-17-2013, 08:54
Thanks for the prompt input, guys.

Brisko: Fat, huh? From the corn squeezin's or maybe sap from the oak? Sorry to start a new thread on an old subject, but my search did not turn up the other threads.

squire: I knew stewing in 53.5% alcohol would take care of any bugs, so wasn't concerned, but will strain the juice, "just 'cause."

VAGentlemen: A friend of mine had recommended this bourbon, and I had been searching for it for a while, so was looking forward to a positive reaction when sampling it for the first time. I too had assumed it to be 12-14-y-o, and thought maybe the 10-96 on the bottle was some sort of age clue. But there was no age statement whatsoever on the bottle. If the bourbon had some age to it, why hide that fact? Maybe the pale color influenced by opinion that it was young, but I sampled it again last night, and I am not very fond of it. It will eventually be consumed and it may grow on me, but checking the tasting notes on other threads, this stuff is all over the map. I think I paid around $45 for it, and in that price range are several bourbons I've found consistently excellent, so for me, Pure Kentucky will remain on the store shelf.

01-17-2013, 09:09
Chuckles - had the same experience. The bottle I had tasted young and hot. The flavor wasn't bad, but certainly not worth the price. Most of the bottle was used for mixing and I've never had the desire to purchase another. Live and learn ...

jeffrey r
01-17-2013, 12:45
I think I paid around $45 for it, and in that price range are several bourbons I've found consistently excellent, so for me, Pure Kentucky will remain on the store shelf.

Ouch--Pure Kentucky XO is under $30 in NYC, and it is a decent bourbon at that price, though I likely won't replace the one bottle I bought of it. If I am going to spend $45 on a KBD product, I would get the higher proof and higher quality Noah's Mill (but I am not rushing to do that either).

01-17-2013, 13:30
The Pure Kentuckys I have seen locally are under $30 but they also lack age statements. I generally don't buy NDP bottles but I'll sometimes make an exception for one that is age stated. At least you know something about what's in the bottle.

01-17-2013, 18:46
I've never bought a bottled but tried it several times, and when I've seen it the going rate was closer to $30. For $30 I thought it was decent, although apparently not enough to buy a bottle :lol: My recollection was that it was on the hot side and bold up-front.

01-24-2013, 15:17
Opps. Sorry guys, I meant to type $35 (at least that was what I was thinking) not $45. I looked it up on my store's website, and Pure Kentucky is $32.99 there (plus a lot of tax here in Chicago). Still seems pricey for what I got. I filtered the fat out last night and had another pour. Still tastes young and hot and not that great. Like you said Brian, live and learn....