View Full Version : Bottled date help...2011

01-20-2013, 13:03
As I spiral into the dark world of buying more bourbon than i know what to do with ( under the theory of bunker building )...I see some bottles listing the date it was bottled. I would love to buy a bottle with 08/28/11 on the label ( nephews birthday ) to share with him in 20"years....can anyone think of a distiller that bottles in late August? Once I've figured out the list, it will just be luck, but I figure with enough time and money, I can find one. Thanks

01-20-2013, 13:11
I know of now way of knowing without asking each distiller. How about buying a barrel and holding it for 20 years? You guys could have a grand ole birthday party when you bottle that one! I happened to pick one up (bottle, not barrel) that was bottled on my birthday .. but not the year. That one would have been too old ... like me.

01-20-2013, 14:09
Blanton's might be a good one to try. I see these with a wide variety of dates, so they probably bottle all year long.