View Full Version : Do you raid the bunker in the New Year?

01-25-2013, 17:04
So between the fall releases of BTAC, 4RLE, etc... and the awesome xmas gifts from family of my mid shelf favourites i have literally filled my mantle and shelf (granted a mini-bunker). So i decided i needed to go on a purchasing hiatus, which got me thinking....apart from those who have bunkers which fill rooms...do you stall out in the new year and let it shrink back down?

01-25-2013, 17:10
After finishing my first year of bourbon drinking and purchasing, I am on a mission to drink the 20 bottles remaining on my bar before I make any significant purchases. Mostly to keep my wife.

01-25-2013, 17:23
Mostly to keep my wife.

What Savage said. I'm on a strict "no buying new booze until our Anniversary," cuz we're going to Japan for our 1st wedding celebration....and they got good whiskey there ;)

01-25-2013, 17:27
I think a lot of newer bourbon drinkers will be very sorry they drank their mini-bunker in a hurry once they really get to know bourbon.

01-25-2013, 18:31
I think a lot of newer bourbon drinkers will be very sorry they drank their mini-bunker in a hurry once they really get to know bourbon.

I try to take it slow with the good stuff (which is very difficult to find around here. Just like most places I suppose.) I only found 2 top shelfers this past year and will wait a while to open the second while I nurse the first.

01-25-2013, 19:05
I need to find a good everyday pour as I am just about a year into heavy bourbon buying, pappy and BTAC have been almost nightly pours and I will be draining the stash before I can blink. That way some of the better stuff stays around a bit longer

01-25-2013, 19:30
I now find I bunker things longer and am actually more appreciative of what I have the longer I am in the game.I have plenty of PVW,BTAC and PHC's and am constantly outreaching for more to set aside on a tasting basis for future needs other than draining every allocated release within my grasp.I think there will come a day when pricing and availability will outgrow my need for in the moment thrill seeking and I will be greatly gratified for all those bottles I have set aside for future consumption.I will admit I like to drink from the top shelf,but there are many things I under appreciate and these are some of the battles I have come to terms with.I feel if you drink top shelf every day it takes some of the mystique away from everything I have loved in the past,at least in my own experiences.Enjoy what you have but never to excess and the future will be brighter then ever.:grin:

01-25-2013, 20:14
I have been raiding the bunker nonstop lately. I'm down to about 20 nice bottles bunkered, from 40 before. I've been enjoying some great bourbon lately, including Stagg, FR 2012 SmB LE, Jeffersons 18, PHC wheat, and older ryes like Saz 18 and HW 16. Sometimes, all in the same night. I think (hope) I'm through with hoarding and onto the drinking.