View Full Version : I think I'm in love.......

01-26-2013, 20:32
With the pairing of bourbon and cigars. What an absolute pleasure. Every single night now I look forward to sitting down in my garage with the door open (of course) and having a neat or two (or three or four) with a cigar. It's amazing how well they synchronize together with the flavors. And I am NOT a cigar smoker. Geez, or am I? Right now I am enjoying a Alec Bradley GS57 and a 4RSB. Magnificent! Funny how they compliment one another. Why is that? Am I finally maturing and "growing up"? Does anyone else here love it as much as I? I feel I am not alone. Join me..........

Restaurant man
01-26-2013, 22:22
Can't see you garage from my house. But I do have a fine cigar and bourbon in my hand after a long day. More power to you.

01-26-2013, 23:03
Right on, brotha' !

01-27-2013, 13:55
I feel your pain, killer. In my garage with cigar and bourbon and watching the PGA. Seventy-somehing here in North Florida so the door's wide open!

01-27-2013, 15:37
Niiiiiice, Mr Horse! I will be out there at it again this evening. It's completely relaxing, no matter what the day may deal. I alternate between checking out the forum, reading Whisky Advocate and/ or Cigar Aficionado. Love it!