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02-27-2013, 11:56
Iíve lurked around this site for well over a year and finally decided to join. Iím 58 and Iíve been drinking bourbon for quite some time. Had some good role models: started with Old Fitz right after college (my grandfather drank that stuff, when he had the money!), Jim Beam White label (fatherís favorite), Cabin Still (my uncleís favorite), Wild Turkey 101 and hate to admit Jack Daniels. (When my uncle passed away in the 80ís I still remember my Dad reaching into his coffin seeing if anyone stashed a bottle of Cabin Still in there). Over the past dozen years Iíve been experimenting with a wide variety of bourbons, trying to find that ďsweet spotĒ: not too expensive, drinkable straight, with ice, splash of water or some ginger ale. I absolutely love the variety and have found many choices. Iíve been making a lot of old fashions lately. The Twin Cities have some good selections, but I did make it to the Party Source once on a business trip and was in bourbon heaven! (snagged some AAA there, wish there was more of that up here). Iíve been drinking some rye's lately too. I am here to learn, chime in if I can add some value, and ask questions. Thanks. Mark

02-27-2013, 13:39
Hi Mark,

Welcome to the site from a former Minnesotan now living in Chicago. In my experience there's a pretty good selection up there. There's a lot to learn here so enjoy!


02-27-2013, 14:04
Welcome aboard Mark, there's some good company here. I suppose most of us are here to learn, discuss and ask questions, so I look forward to your comments. You may wish to drop by the chat room and talk in real time, there are a few of us there most evenings. The chat option icon is located at the lower left corner of your screen.

02-27-2013, 14:12
Good Day Mark and welcome from one of the Michigan folks.

Best regards, Tony

02-27-2013, 14:53
Welcome, Mark. There are a few of us Minnesotans here, and all friendly. I expect they'll pop in shortly to say hello.

02-27-2013, 17:49
Great intro Mark and welcome to SB,enjoy your time here and the many topics discussed daily should help you along your journey.

02-27-2013, 22:56
Welcome to SB Mark - I'm in the same boat as you... always trying to find that sweet spot but unfortunately, it seems my "spot" keeps shifting =]b