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03-12-2013, 17:46
learning alot from this board. I am relatively new to bourbon appreciation. Never really went beyond makers and knob, before. A couple of weekends ago I went to the Buther and the Boar, and had my own little blind tasting. I wrote the names of 5 different bourbons on the bottom of the glass, on a post it. Then tried to identify the bourbons, based off of what I had read about them. I had never had any of them before. ER10, FC , weller 12 , OGD 114, and OFBB12. I picked the OGD and The FC . I narrowed the weller down to 2 options, but was ultimately fooled by the smoothness of the eagle rare. It was alot of fun, just 1 ounce pours. I would like to find some of the weller 12, but I havent seen any around. Anybody know where I can find some?

enjoy the bourbon

03-12-2013, 17:52
Welcome aboard brrrrbon, this is the place to ask questions and receive a diversity of answers.

03-12-2013, 17:58
Welcome to the site and enjoy your time here,there is plenty to learn and always someone to answer all of your questions.You will enjoy all the insight and discussion,you will almost certainly learn something new every time you log in.

03-12-2013, 19:52
thanks for the kind welcome, gentleman. Squire , your posts inspired me to try ogd114 . I bet you have sold more OGD then any one besides a beam distributor. They should send you a case every once in a while ;-). I enjoyed my 1 ounce pour, and will try it again next time I'm down at the boer, or any other bar that pours it. This time I will add a drop of water, seems like a good idea given the proof, uffda!

Enjoy the bourbon

03-12-2013, 21:45
welcome to SB cold one :-)

03-13-2013, 02:07
Welcome to the board, great group of folks here.

Nice to see another from the state!