View Full Version : Good Bourbon Mongers in Savannah GA area?

03-18-2013, 19:34
Returned from a little trip down to the coast with some friends and it was a great time, but a bit of a selection wasteland at the two stores the wife tried. Granted we were in Savnnah suburbs (Richmond Hill) but she came up empty on my list, wasn't exactly exotic stuff a lot of BiB, Rittenhouse Rye, some OGD114 if they happened to have leftover from the holidays, even a Dickel 12 that I figured would be last resort. Not a one in stock.

So, anyone from around the Savannah/Richmond Hill/Darien area have a shop to recommend. Not looking to steal the dustys but I'm in the area a fair amount during the warmer months and would like to not have to import every time.

Thankfully I brought down a bottle of OGD114 and WSR to keep my happy, but the last day I was sweating it. :lol:

03-18-2013, 20:29
Ramblinman, Habersham Beverage on Abercorn is the best stocked. Have great selection of bourbon, scotch, and rum. Haven't pulled out any dusties, or BTAC but they have great selection and damn good prices. I was in last fall and bought 1.75L of BT for $34.

Nice folks in there also.