View Full Version : Thank you from liquor controlled NC

04-02-2013, 13:57
I've been a dreaded lurker for a few months now but I feel I can't go on any longer without an earnest 'thank you' to everyone on this site. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC my liquor education outside of the state's controlled offerings has been necessarily virtual. Grown out of the wealth of info on this site and Charlotte's proximity to SC I've developed a modest bourbon / rye collection. Also, apparently given my recent rate of purchase I've started an even more modest bunker. No one on here know anything about that do they?

Anyways, thank you and hello. Looking forward to contributing,

Bottles of note:

JPS 21
PVW 15
VWFRR ("Happy Birthday" signed by JVWIII from a tasting (fun night... rough morning))
Lot B
PHC '12
Willett (4 & 5 year)

04-03-2013, 17:49
Welcome aboard, look forward to your contributions.

04-08-2013, 06:35
Welcome to SB! Good thing you live near the border. Always better bourbon across the border.