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04-09-2001, 15:23
Does any body know of any Bourbon manufacturing outside the U.S.?.......all information would be appreciated .......regards Michael

04-09-2001, 15:55
By legal definition, bourbon can not be made outside of the United States. Japan does make a bourbon-like whiskey for their market that is not bad, but not bourbon either.
Mike Veach

04-09-2001, 17:20
Each whiskey-making country produces its own style. Bourbon is the American style. Japanese whiskey has, historically, tried to emulate scotch, but some American-style (i.e., bourbon-style) whiskies are made there.

In some other countries -- I can speak for Poland and Brazil, but I am sure there are many others -- products are made for local consumption that are labeled "bourbon." U.S. law will not permit them to be imported into the U.S., however, and countries that are signatories to the various treaties that regulate such things won't import them either. There is no reason to expect them to even resemble real bourbon. It is hard to know what they are. They are typically cheap rot gut.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)

04-09-2001, 17:52
Chuck......thanks very much for your response ......I couldn't agree with you more there is nothing like the real thing!!........in Australia the Bourbon heritage isn't household information as it is in the U.S. .....I am the creator of the Jaggard range in Australia which comprises of two spirits and one liqueur.....we have been in the market just over one year and we are the 1st new catagory of spirit in the world in nearly 35 years......I own a world wide patent on the process......we are currently negotiating with U.S. distributors at the moment and are looking forward to marketing in your homeland......the Jaggard range are absolutly unique to Australia using native ingredients.....absolutly nothing like Bourbon (I wouldn't even attempt such a rediculous idea!).....having said that we looking to expand into other lines and Bourbon was an interest point thats all.......have a look at what we make when you get a chance at www.jaggard.com.au


Michael Jaggard

04-09-2001, 19:00
Welcome to the forum and may i say you have a very interesting and informative website. Life is good in Austrailia.--Den

04-19-2001, 02:30
Gday Mike I'm wondering if you can help me with the name or manufacturer of the bourbon-like whiskey made in Japan?.......your assistence would be greatly appreciated
Michael Jaggard