View Full Version : What's the deal with UD's bourbons?

11-21-1999, 05:28
I know that Heaven Hill bought the Bernheim plant and the Old Fitzgerald brand, and that the Weller line is now being produced (hopefully with the same recipe) by Sazerac at the OFC/Stagg/Blanton/Leestown/Ancient Age/Buffalo Trace
Distillery. But what of the others in UD's line? They were also making Rebel Yell, Kentucky Tavern, I. W. Harper, and Old Charter that I can think of off the top of my head. Have these all been sold as well? Anyone with educated guesses? :-)

Not that I drink much of these...I've been sticking to Old Commonwealth every evening. I personally think OC is the Find Of The Century here in Chicago :)
But I am curious as to the fate of the other UD bourbon brands.

Michael Shoshani

11-22-1999, 09:26
UD (Diaego) kept I. W. Harper, as well as George Dickel. Old Charter went to Sazerac along with Weller. David Sherman Corp., a St. Louis-based distributor and rectifier, got Rebel Yell. Kentucky Tavern went away in an earlier sale and I forget who got it, possibly Sherman. It was part of the Glenmore portfolio, which UD pretty well emptied out before the merger. Ezra Brooks also went in that sale, to Sherman. Yellowstone too, if I remember correctly.

There are two different philosphies in the industry. One is to have a small portfolio of brands, all of which lead their category or segment. UD has joined that camp, which also includes Jim Beam and Brown Forman. The other group is willing to manage a large portfolio of mostly regional brands (known as "cats and dogs"), with the idea that anything they can sell at a profit is good. Subscribers to this philosophy include Heaven Hill, Sazerac, David Sherman and Barton parent Canadaugia.

- chuck