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04-17-2001, 07:19
Well folks, grab your favorite bottle, jump in your Lear Jet and head to Kentucky this Saturday! We (Heaven Hill, Jim Beam and Buffalo Trace) are going to have a barrel rolling contest for charity (Hospice). I will know today if I qualify. If not, I will be collecting wagers (donations) from the spectators. So if ya is close by stop by for a worthy cause and a lot of fun!


04-17-2001, 07:48
> I will know today if I qualify.

Hi Bettye Jo!
What criteria need be met in order to qualify for a barrel rolling?
If they don't let you in, it's only because they don't want their collective butts whipped ;-)


Jim Butler

04-17-2001, 23:44
Hey Jim,

They liked to whip my ##@#%^* today. I have the highest respect for the warehousemen and women. I have never rolled barrels until today! It is a skilled trade and something I hope I never have to do for a living. I am on the team. I am not worth a crap but I will do my best. Those barrels weigh a little over 500 pounds and God help you when ya stop one completely. Never, Never let it stop. You have to keep it moving all the time to munipulate it to where the money is out and the bung is up.

We practiced in warehouse Y today. There are 4 team members. I am the turner. I am second, there is a girl behind me rolling 10 barrels at me. I have to slow the barrels down, turn (45) push and give them a big kick (on rails) down to the setter. (My good old country girl instinct kept stopping the barrels cause ya just gotta when 500 pound barrels are commin at ya!!!!!!) The setter is the one who actually sets the barrels in the rick at precise times such 13 over 25 under 20 under (like on a clock). It is very hard.
Then you have a girl in the rick to help roll the barrels to the end. You can use a bar because a lot of times they will get hung at it takes a bar to relase them. We only get to practice 3 times. Why? I don't know. They should have done this a month ago so I could at least learn a little bit more. Oh well, I could be worse. They could have put me as the setter. Then my good old country girl instinct would kick in and I would jump into the rick when the barrels are comming at me!!! :)


Ken Weber
04-18-2001, 10:05
Bettye Jo,
You folks better be good and practiced up! The Buffalo Trace barrel rolling team has been putting in the hours on our custom made barrel rolling track. I look forward to meeting you this Saturday.


04-18-2001, 11:38
I seem to recall a story about Old Crow having the longest track in the industry and it being quite a feat to manipulate the barrels on it.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)

04-19-2001, 23:25
Oh well it could be worse.-----------I could be the setter.

And it is worse I am my own setter!!!!!!! We no longer have enough for a ladies team so it is just me and Paula Clark. We will compete in the individual contest for ladies.

They sent Billy Barnett (he sets the barrels for the men's team) to the warehouse today to help me. He is probably the strongest person I know!!! He can pick up a barrel and set it on track with one hand and roll 10 barrels bung up every time. I can get the bungs up but the fast part is not too good. I have learned to walk the barrel. I just keep telling myself its for a worthy cause and hopefully it will be a lot of fun.

See ya there Ken!!!!!!! I will be wearing our traditional Heaven Hill "barrel logo" black golf shirts.