View Full Version : Best shops for bourbon shopping near Madison WI?

05-29-2013, 12:42
Alright fellas,

So I'm going to visit some friends this weekend near Madison WI in a little town called Mazomanie and I was wondering if anyone knew of any shops around either town that are worth checking out for some good bourbon or rye? Looking for gems and/or dusties if possible or just maybe something I can't find as easily in Chicago.

Thanks all. If your more comfortable with Answering via a PM go for it.


White Dog
05-29-2013, 16:58
If I knew where any more dusties were in Madison, they wouldn't be there.

That said, the Steve's chain and Riley's are good stops for Bourbon shopping, although if you live in Chicago I don't think you'll find anything new.

Also, Merchant of Madison is a great place to drink Bourbon.

You're heading to Mazo beach?? Clothing optional, Bourbon required.

05-29-2013, 17:03
Bourbon required and I don't have to dress up, what a deal.

05-29-2013, 17:53
Like Whitedog alluded to, there really aren't any dusties around Madison anymore. As far as decent stores to visit, I haven't been to Riley's, but the Steve's chain seems to have gone down hill a bit in the last year or so IMHO. I used to be on their email list, but all I ever got was notices about wine. Their selection is still decent, but their prices have gone up more than other places. Their staff seems to have gotten somewhat less knowledgeable too. I was up there back in March and stopped in at all three of their stores. I asked about a couple of things they had on their shelves, and it was sad because they had no clue at all. One place the guy thought a rye mashbill bourbon had to be 51% rye. To top that off, at two of the stores, the people I talked with were downright rude.

Binny's is a little farther for me, but I'd rather go a few more miles out of my way for lower prices, and to be treated a heck of a lot better. YMMV