View Full Version : Edgewood Whiskey?

06-10-2013, 13:22
So I was at a Whataburger in Schulenburg, Texas yesterday. Like most WB's they have historical photos. Except normally it's all old WB photos. This one though had a photo taken in 1915 of Stenelman's Saloon in Schulenburg. There was a big sign on the front of the saloon bragging that they had Edgewood Whiskey from Lincoln County, KY. I saw a bit of info about it on the net, but not much.

Anyone have info on Edgewood whiskey..every had any??

06-11-2013, 21:20
Did you see this history?


"When Ohio voted complete prohibition of alcoholic beverages in 1916, Edgewood Distilling and Paxton Bros. Co. went out of business forever."

06-12-2013, 06:12
No I didn't. Thanks!