View Full Version : Saint Luis Rey

10-17-2003, 07:15
This new cigar is a fantastic smoke for the money. It is available in Robusto, Rothschild, Rothschild Maduro, Double Corona and Churchill. The Double Corona and Rothschild are my favorites. The Rothschild Maddie just came out within the last week or so (at least at my local shop). For 4 bucks, this cigar is rich and earthy with nice leathery notes. The Maduro picks up a slightly sweet Cafe Mocha flavor as well as some sweet spice. The most expensive cigar in their line is 4.15, so these are a real bargain.

10-17-2003, 07:29
I've seen these at Schwabs but have never tried one. I'll pick up a couple on my next visit. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/bandit.gif