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11-01-2003, 13:48
The "smallish" Stagg marketing region problem got me thinking about just what straight bourbons are available nationally. Since there are 18 control states, any bourbon available nationally would have to be available in those 18 states. So, here are the straight bourbons listed at the NH (control) state web site:

Eagle Rare Bourbon Whisky 750ml 90.0 $19.99
Evan Williams Bourbon 750ml 86.0 $8.99
Evan Williams Bourbon 1.75l 86.0 $16.99
Ezra B Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml 99.0 $24.99
Ezra Brooks 750ml 90.0 $8.99
Jim Beam liter 80.0 $12.99
Jim Beam 750ml 80.0 $11.49
Jim Beam 1.75l 80.0 $20.99
Jim Beam 375ml 80.0 $5.99
Jim Beam Black liter 86.0 $15.99
Jim Beam Black 750ml 86.0 $15.99
Jim Beam Black 1.75l 86.0 $28.99
Jim Beam Choice 750ml 80.0 $11.99
Jim Beam Choice 1.75l 80.0 $23.99
Jim Beam Traveler 750ml 80.0 $11.49
Knob Creek Bourbon 750ml 100.0 $23.99
Makers Mark 750ml 90.0 $19.99
Makers Mark 375ml 90.0 $9.99
Makers Mark 1.75l 90.0 $34.99
McCormick Gold Label Bourbon liter 80.0 $6.99
Old Crow 750ml 80.0 $6.99
Old Crow 1.75l 80.0 $12.99
Old Grand Dad 750ml 86.0 $12.99
Old Grand Dad 1.75l 86.0 $24.99
Old Grand Dad Bonded 750ml 100.0 $14.99
S S P Ninety Nine Bourbon liter 80.0 $7.99
S S Pierce Kentucky Bourbon 1.75l 80.0 $14.99
Ten High 1.75l 80.0 $12.49
Ten High Bourbon liter 80.0 $6.99
Weller Centennial Bourbon 750ml 100.0 $26.99
Wild Turkey 1.75l 80.0 $26.99
Wild Turkey 750ml 80.0 $13.99
Wild Turkey 101 1.75l 101.0 $30.99
Wild Turkey 101 750ml 101.0 $15.99

Specialty market
Blantons Sgl Barrel Bourbon 750ml 93.0 $39.99
Booker's Bourbon 750ml 126.5 $39.99
Elijah Craig 18-Yr Sgl Barrl 750ml 90.0 $28.99
Evan Williams Single Barrel 750ml 86.6 $19.99
Henry McKenna 10-Yr Sgl Brrl 750ml 100.0 $19.99
Knob Creek Bourbon 1.75l 100.0 $43.99
Old Whiskey River Bourbon 750ml 86.0 $29.99
Thedford Bourbon 750ml 92.6 $39.99
Wild Turkey Rare Breed 750ml 110.0 $26.99
Wild Turkey Russell's RSV 750ml 101.0 22.99
Woodford RSV Straight Bourbn 750ml 90.4 $29.99

I downloaded this today, November 1st, and the URL is http://www.state.nh.us/liquor/ and follow links.

So, anyone from a control state other than NH (I'm in MA) who can cross off bourbons on the list above? What's left is then the maximum list (still 32 non-control states, after all) of nationally available boubons. I wonder just how big the list really is? Ed

11-01-2003, 22:39
I wonder what's available in Utah?

11-02-2003, 00:28
Cross Off the following:

Ezra B
Weller Centennial
Elijah Craig 18
Henry McKenna

becuase they aint in Ohio! (though I am not sure if they bend the rules near the KY border)Bleah.

I am curious if that means the Antique collection bottles sitting in the Nashua state store I saw (and are still there, I had my best friend check today) are being discontinued. He said there are still 3 each of ER17. Weller 19, and the Saz. I may have to have him snag them for me cause at $36 each it is worth the wait till I see him again.


11-02-2003, 06:25
You can knock off the following which are not available in Alabama:

Eagle Rare Bourbon Whisky
Ezra B Single Barrel Bourbon
Old Grand Dad Bonded 750ml 100.0 $14.99
S S P Ninety Nine Bourbon liter 80.0 $7.99
S S Pierce Kentucky Bourbon 1.75l 80.0 $14.99
Ten High Bourbon liter 80.0 $6.99
Weller Centennial Bourbon 750ml 100.0 $26.99

Specialty market:
Elijah Craig 18-Yr Sgl Barrl
Henry McKenna 10-Yr Sgl Brrl
Thedford Bourbon

Also, I am afraid, but not certain, that Blanton's will no longer be carried in Alabama. Last month, it was a "close-out" special at the ABC stores.


11-02-2003, 07:04
McCormick Gold Label isn't sold in Virginia, so I guess you can eliminate that one.

11-02-2003, 11:49
Tom, besides their regular products and Specialty Liquors, the NH web site also has a "Test Market" category. My guess is the Antique collection was in that some time ago (it was not there yesterday, and no bourbons at all, as a matter of fact). So my guess is those nine bottles in the Nashua store are on borrowed time: sounds like a plan to have your friend save them! Good price (and no sales tax) too. Of course, maybe the web site listing just accidently didn't list the Antique collection whiskeys, but the site is updated frequently and I have never seen those whiskeys at the (small) NH store nearest my preferred border crossing. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif Ed

11-02-2003, 15:21
As for the Sazerac and Eagle Rare 17, one of my local liquor stores has three brand new bottles (which weren't there last week) with pristine crepe paper wrappings -- so, unless they managed to stay so nice in storage, they're not discontinued yet.

11-02-2003, 16:32
Tim, my previous post only dealt with availability of the Antique collection in NH. I assume TN, as one of Buffalo Trace's three state main market, will have plenty of the new releases of Eagle Rare 17, Saz 18 and even the new Stagg. You're very lucky! Ed

11-02-2003, 16:37
You're not kidding, he's very lucky (or anyone who lives in or near KY for that matter when it comes to bourbon!). Here's the numbers real quick for this years Antique Collection... Weller 19 has gone bye-bye http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

<font color="green"> George T. Stagg Uncut / Unfiltered
Current reigning "American Whiskey of the Year", however, we may have outdone ourselves this year! This beautiful 15 year old whiskey came out of the barrel and will be bottled at a whopping 142.7 proof!!! (Last year's release was 137.6 proof).
The Stagg whiskey came from Warehouse B, Floor 2 and Warehouse H, Floor 3.
The entire bottling this year will be just 2,580 bottles.

Sazerac 18 Year Old Rye Whiskey
2001 "Whiskey of the Year", Sazerac Rye checks in at 18 years of age, the oldest straight rye on the market. For this year's bottling we have 3,825 bottles.
The whiskey came from Warehouse Q, Floor 2 and 3.

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old
Eagle Rare 17 was distilled to our "Rye Mash Bourbon Recipe #1" and is bottled at 90 proof.
The Eagle Rare whiskey came from Warehouse H, Floor 1 and Warehouse K, Floor 1.
We will have 4,200 bottle of the Eagle Rare.

11-02-2003, 19:44
I've yet to see the Stagg even here, but when I do I plan to shoot it.

11-03-2003, 01:02
Well that suck because I was gonna be jealous of those NH folk, the antique collection is quite a find, never mind the nice price point. I will admit the store I was in was rather large, though. . .


11-04-2003, 18:52
... Weller 19 has gone bye-bye

Does that mean no more bottled for this year or for ever? Because I just tried some and truely enjoyed it. I should get another very soon if we will never see it again.

11-04-2003, 19:21
None was bottled this year and I as far as I heard it was replaced in the antique collection by Stagg as an annual release. Whenever I see a bottle for a decent price now, I grab it as I also love this bourbon.