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11-06-2003, 12:55
I have been drinking bourbon for many years and not too many years ago I had one or two that I drank most of the time. I have read this forum from top to bottom and have discovered that no one has a "favorite" bourbon - leastwise not for very long! It seems to me that there is no such thing as "the best". Today, we are living in a time where all bourbons, regardless of who made it, is all the best. One day you will pour yourself two or three fingers and say this is "the best", tomorrow it's a different bottle and it's the "best". Now, after having said this, I do have my favorites and there are 5 or 6 of them. This doesn't mean they are the best, they are just "my" favorites. To have all the variety that is out there "aren't we the lucky ones"? Well, it is time to try another one and here's to you http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/toast.gif.


11-06-2003, 13:35
aren't we the lucky ones

right on, man!

My "best bourbon" is any bourbon shared with my wife! Married 21 years ago today and still in LOVE. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

11-06-2003, 13:41

Congratulations on 21 years!!That's wonderful!! I have been married 39 years this past September, which bring up the point again. Aren't we the lucky ones???. Here's a toast to you and your wife on your anniversary http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/toast.gif


11-06-2003, 13:49
Here's a toast to both you guys! http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/toast.gif Me and Stacy are only 7 months today.

You guys are so right too, there is no such thing as your one and only favorite bourbon. Whenever someone asks me that I tell them it is too hard a question to answer; I do not have just one favorite. We are so lucky that there are so many great bourbon's out there right now, so much diversity, so many premium bottlings etc... Let's hope it continues http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

11-06-2003, 13:50
Congratulations to you and your wife Dave. I favor that still in love quote. Bobby and I just celebrated our 25th, on the 22nd of Oct. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/toast.gif Here's to many more years of Happiness.

11-06-2003, 16:45
Congratulations!! --- Greg

11-06-2003, 16:48
It seems to me that there is no such thing as "the best".

Agreed. As much as I know distillers covet the awards, it is really not appropriate to try to determine THE SINGLE best from great variety.

11-06-2003, 23:26
Dave, that is fantastic. Congrats to you and your wife (you didn't tell us her name!). My wife and I celebrated my 20th this past summer.

Like most marriages that last this long, there are some rocky times, but we find a way to fight through the dark hours and keep on going. It's never easy, but always worth it.

11-06-2003, 23:33
The best bourbon, of course, is the one in my glass at the time. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

When my wife's parents lived near us in South Florida in the mid-80s, my father-in-law and I would go bass fishing constantly in our little 12' boat in the canals. One day a big high-powered bass boat was barrelling down the canal and stopped where we were fishing. They asked us where the best spot to fish was. Without missing a beat, my father-in-law said "Right here where I am now." The other guys were speechless. It was hilarious! They didn't know what to say. They could only muster a "Yeah, thanks" and blasted off. The funny part was that we hadn't caught a thing all day! http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif

11-06-2003, 23:44
My best bourbon was probably one of the shots of Booker's shared with my Dad the last time I visited him in FLA. Booker's is by no means on my "top favorutes" list (though it is very good) but sharing the time and experience with him definately made it memorable.


11-07-2003, 06:15
Congratulations to you and your lovely wife! My wife and I celebrated our 17th on Oct. 11. I thoroughly understand when others say there are rocky times in any long marriage. Hell, my wife and I were separated for two years. I thought it was over. But, with the passage of time and joint counseling, we managed to break down the barriers and rebuild a great thing. It's been five years since we got back together. Things aren't perfect--no marriage is--but we're still together and still love each other.

So, here's a toast to marriage--the core of a good life! http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/toast.gif