View Full Version : Refurbished Old Crow Distillery hopes to be in operation by fall, owners say

06-23-2014, 07:54
Below is the link to the story. FWIW, a few of us went out to see the Old Taylor and Old Crow distilleries during the Sampler. We saw the Deviant Distillers sign out in front of Old Crow, and IIRC, I do believe someone took a pic.


06-23-2014, 13:41
Here are some pics taken recently of the facility. With the condition of the buildings, I think the push for the new owners to be open by by year end is very optimistic.


Many thanks to DeanSheen for the link.

06-23-2014, 15:31
I got a pic of the Deviant sign on that visit Joe.... I though a few of us took one, but maybe it was just me...