View Full Version : Do I like Bulliet?

11-19-2003, 12:35
I apologize if I am bringing up something that has already been discussed. I did a search but found no related threads.

I recently tried Bulliet"Old-American-Wild-West-Frontier-Cowboy-Style(or something)"Bourbon on a trip to Ohio. I remember liking it, but my palate wasn't exactly seeing straight.

It isn't available in Michigan, but my brother offered to bring me a couple of bottles.

From what I remember, the bottle and name were a little bit hokey, so I am wondering if my memory is failing me or if this is a worthwhile bourbon.

I was coherent enough to remember that it was no Very Special Old Fitz or Van Winkle's Rye, but he said it is only priced around $20/bottle.

So, I guess what I am asking is: Will I be embarrassing myself if I break open a bottle at a holiday party, or did I really like it after all?

Any opinions would be appreciated.

11-19-2003, 12:45
Your search didn't return any results because it's spelled "Bulleit" http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

11-19-2003, 12:57
Thanks, that helped. I guess I'll have him pick me up a bottle and see who I agree with.

Appreciate your help.