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11-20-2003, 18:56
Sorry gals, this is a question for the guys.

Most every woman I know absolutely HATES the smell of stale cigar smoke on their man. A very good friend of mine actually had to give up his prestigious membership in his cigar club 'cause it was causing grief at home (that's another topic). So my question to you all is this... Does your "significant other" not mind, or if she does, what do you do to either avoid confrontation, or rid yourself of cigar smoke after-smell, after-taste.

(Just wondering, as I'd love to smoke the odd cuban, but my wonderful wife HATES IT!?!?!)


11-20-2003, 21:31
I smoke outside and shower and brush my teeth soon afterward most times. Jessica doesnt even like what I smell like after visiting the humidor at the cigar shop.

Overall she is way tolerant though.



11-21-2003, 00:23
I have kind of a fortunate situation. There is a story behind it that is too long to go into here. So I will save that for another time, and just answer your question.

My wife is very tolerant of me. She trusts me to run my business and bring in the bread, and understands that boys are into toys and that guys do lots of stupid things. She knows that I am basically just a silly little man trying to have some fun in life. She's also aware that I tend to dive head-first into new interests that sometimes stick, or sometimes fade in time. When I take up a new hobby, she never can tell if it's gonna be long term, so she just doesn't sweat it.

She had a best friend growing up who's father was rather well-to-do, and was always smoking premium cigars around the house. She grew accustomed to the smell, and the smell of my cigars brings back fond memories of her childhood.

Recently, she has begun smoking WITH me!!! She likes the Cojimar Vanilla Torpedo and the CAO Moontrance cigars. The rich vanilla flavors are mellow and nice, and they tend to be very smooth and mild... especially the Moontrance. I am hoping that she will eventually work her way past flavored cigars, and branch into the premiums with me. But I am not willing to rush her. Heck, whatever she enjoys smoking is just fine with me!!!

She has mentioned the smell that I occasionally bring to bed with me, and so I will sometimes take a shower before heading for bed. I also try to brush my teeth before bed. It won't remove all of that lovely "finish" but it helps. It also doesn't hurt that we have a California King!

I never smoke a cigar before going to see clients, and so I generally do not smell like cigars on days where I will be doing business with people. I wait until the work is done, and then I light one up in the car on the way home!

There's a funny running joke she always harps on too. I always get a chuckle...

I carry about $1.5 million in life insurance on myself for income protection, estate planning, and business considerations. Between that and our other investment accounts, she'll be just fine if something bad happens to me. So when I grab a cigar and head for the porch, she's always like... "Oh! Let me pour you a drink to go with that! And would you mind bringing in some red meat from the freezer while you're at it? What would you like for dessert tonight?"

Heheheheheh. Golly, I love that chick.

11-21-2003, 08:09
I'll chime in with the rest of the guys.....smoke it outside (with a bourbon), shower and brush. My wife will usually let me in bed if I follow that regemin.


11-21-2003, 14:04
I'm in the same boat as Dave. Even with a shower, leaving clothes in the garage, brushing, gargling and partial immersion in Hi-Karate (Remember That?),I am unfit for approach and landing rights. I don't smoke often and realize as soon as the match is lit, I've made a choice.

11-21-2003, 15:59
Perhaps smoking cigars a little more often than once in a blue moon would help. If you light up more often, and express your delight in the enjoyment of a fine cigar, your wives may just sense that this is a very pleasurable activity for you. Perhaps they'll do as my wife has, and become curious as to exactly why it has taken your fancy. My honey even smokes a cigar with me on occasion! That is no small feat gentlemen.

It's always difficult to tell by reading a post, just how dramatically the objectionable spouse may be reacting. But you fellas make it sound fairly dire. Without wishing to cause offense or anger some great potential friends on this forum, I will still ask the following question. Because I think it's a fair question.

Who is the real head of your household?

I mean, are we men or are we mice? I call the shots in my household, for sure. My wife knows that I love her, and that I will protect and support her. I do not smoke IN the house out of respect for her. But if I decide that I would like to smoke a cigar, that's all there is to it.

I encourage you Real Men of Genius (funny beer commercials) to grab a glass of bourbon with a cigar and head for your favorite smoking location. Do it today... do it now!!! You can thank me later.

11-21-2003, 16:07
B Dub,

the objectionable spouse

http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif

I'm guessing you meant "the objecting spouse". Come to think of it, maybe it works either way. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

I used to say that a man who claims to be the boss in his house will lie about other things, too. I've quit saying that, mainly because I don't recall the last time I heard anyone make that claim.

Of course, we used to have a member here who advocated spanking, but that's a whole other subject. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

11-21-2003, 16:14
HAHAHAHA! Yes! I think you've nicely captured the essense of what I meant. But you're right, it kinda works both ways. Heheheheh. Fortunately, people can change.

You know, I rule with a special kind of authority. That's because Mrs. Dub gave me my crown last week! http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/bowdown.gif Seriously. She is the boss about most of the daily aspects of household operations, and I sorta tend to being the executive of my biz. But she works within a pretty clear framework of guidelines; and when it comes down to it, she knows that my word has got to be final. That's biblical, and I think that's the way it was meant to be. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

11-22-2003, 02:23
I mean, are we men or are we mice? I call the shots in my household, for sure. My wife knows that I love her, and that I will protect and support her. I do not smoke IN the house out of respect for her. But if I decide that I would like to smoke a cigar, that's all there is to it.

Equal incomes, Equal intelligence, Equal partners. There is no head of household at the Cloutier home, we share it equally. Even though my wife finds the entire concept of smoking objectionable, she nas never complained once We had a discussion together regarding it and decided together on three things:

1) not in the house (which I wouldnt do anyway)

2) bourbon and cigars come from the same potrion of the budget (also fair as I am not taking on a second job to support my hobbies)

3) she mentioned she doesnt like the smell, and I accomodate that

Seems pretty fair to me overall, I get what I was (the cigars) and she get what she wants (not to smell them)

http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gifeverybody wins http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif


11-22-2003, 20:09
Just luck of the draw I guess, My last serious girlfriend did not mind the cigars at all or the bourbon. In fact for my birthday she bought me a great Fuente,a bottle of Makers and some nices photos(but those are another story).Bourbon and cigars are two big passions for me and I like to share them with who I choose to be with.It would not be a deal breaker if she did not drink or smoke but it would be if I wasn't "allowed".

11-22-2003, 23:44
B Dub,


I'm guessing you meant "the objecting spouse". Come to think of it, maybe it works either way. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif I think that was it.

11-23-2003, 15:28
In the words of one of my favorite comedians,Sean Morey: "I'm the man of the house, when you're not home" followed by, "I don't take no crap from anybody! ... else but you." I took Linn's advice several times and spanked, just shortly before having the snot knocked outta me. If being the "Head of the House" is biblical, I guess I'm lucky I'm not the biblical type. I'll smoke as long as she let's me back in the house. Now, when it comes to drink, motorcycles, hiking, great food, auto racing, soccer, and just about anyting else, she's right there with me. I'll keep her. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/bowdown.gif

11-23-2003, 20:15
Many times I have fell under bad or good influences as the case may be. One I took to heart was "whatever it takes to make your wife happy , is worth it". Fortunately for me I found a girl who in general doesn't find herself too unhappy most of the time, and it doesn't take a lot to cheer her up otherwise. I've always thought that that was one of the most valuable pieces of advice I ever received.

I've smoked them in the house and out. If she doesn't want me to smoke them inside, I won't. In fact I'd prefer to be out of doors.

<font color="blue"> Good God Give Sammy Hagar Some </font>

11-23-2003, 20:21
That is some good advice Bobby, if you love her, I bet it comes natuarally. Amelia seems like the tolerant type anyway, I mean she let all us hellions come over for a party!

In fact I'd prefer to be out of doors.

I think I do too, there is just something about the fresh air, added to the mix that makes things just perfect.


11-24-2003, 11:12
My wife and I have a bargain going on...I don't complain about her tofu and lettuce breath and she doesn't complain about my cigar and bourbon breath. But, a little consideration is always in order. As suggested, tooth paste, breath freshener and a shower go a long way in both of our defenses. Plus, my wife idolized her grandfather, who also smoked cigars. Something for me to aspire to!

11-28-2003, 07:00
My wife doesn't like the smell either, but what can she do. I am the leader of the house and I smoke in the house. I don't smoke in the house very often because I'd rather sit outside and enjoy the weather or just looking at my garden or pond. The trick is not to give up your power/control early in the relationship. Power corrupts and once the female has had a taste of it, she won't give it up easily. Now, I am not a dictator, but I do have veto power of any rulings of the household.

Now sometimes I don't like the way I smell and I will do the shower, brushing teeth routine, which seems to help. On days she doesn't like the smell then she will go to the guest room.

12-07-2003, 23:25
This is an interesting discussion that even I, the confirmed bachelor, could not resist reading. I can sympathize with the women in that there is nothing I find more disgusting than the smell of cigarette smoke on my clothes when I get home from a bar. Hey, I used to smoke the things and rarely ever noticed the stench until I quit back in 82 or so. I toss those clothes out into the garage to air out for a day or two.

But here's a suggestion guys, and you might not like it, but here goes. Try finding a good smoke that is LESS objectable. Last December, I had the pleasure of the company of my neice on a trip to visit my sister in Colorado, and I asked her to tell me if the smoke bothered her. As I am wont to do, I carried a variety of smokes in my travel humidor. While she found the Padrons and Cohibas to be stuffy requiring the cracking of windows and a bit of shivering on my part, she actually liked the La Gloria Cubanas and Onyx Reserves more spicy and sweet odors. The hard part of course is trying to convince your lady that there IS a difference.

01-29-2004, 23:53
Brush your teeth and use a good breath mint. Keep a bottle mixed with Downey fabric softner and water and use it on your clothes, car or where ever the odor is. Go ahead and laugh but this solution will make a dogs unfortunate meeting with a skunk smell like a spring meadow.