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12-26-2000, 07:23
We have a tendency to allow the threads here go to long and vary by subject. Under "Hancock Presidents Reserve" there is a long string about cooking with Barrel Chips. I've pasted one of those entries here (below).

Brenda, your site looks nice. The key is to keep it simple with easy and obvious selections. If you decide you can go commercial with this I'd urge you to register www.bourbonchips.com
It is not that expensive and it is much easier for people to find than your current URL.

The little barrel images on your site are very nice and you have nice but simple graphics. /wwwthreads/images/smile.gif

Have you determined pricing for your chips?


Brendaj wrote: Chuck,
You really are a Sweetie! You're so right about the smell. Got pulled over for speeding with a trunkful. The car smelled like a bar! The officer was a real nice guy...I gave him a couple of bags and we both went on our way. But for a moment, it was *scary*.
I haven't really hyped the barrel pieces because I've sold everything I had cut-up and I haven't decided if this can be profitable. Yes, I do have a website but it's not finished. The recipe page needs to be redone and none of the recipe links are live (on the top of the list of New Years Resolutions). But, if ya'll would like to have a look...I would much appreciate thoughts and feedback:
A very Merry Christmas to all on this list!

Blowin' smoke in Bardstown

01-06-2001, 11:41
Hi Greg,
I appreciate your kind words, thanks. Sorry it took so long to reply (I love holidays...'specially when they're over).
As a matter of fact, I had bourbonchips.com reserved and decided not to register it when Jack Daniel's chips hit the market. They run their's thru a chipper, which will absolutely destroy the blades in no time at all (but then, they can afford that). After monitoring a BBQ group for months, I have realized that some of the *pro* BBQers wanted a larger chunk of wood than the chips would provide. I have hesitated registering a domain until I decide how this crazy idea is going to play out.
The price is sorta hanging me up. Cutting those barrelheads with a chop saw is pretty labor intensive. What I would really love is a chance to buy 'bungs' from one of the distilleries around me. So far, no luck. They would be a perfect size (and I could imagine some really cute marketing for those!?!) I would then want to register bourbonbungs.com...oh yes, there's a hoot.
Again, thanks for checking out the site. Your words about the graphics made me smile...they are all original. I'm an old, burned out graphic designer trying to make the transition to the web...:o)
FWIW, I have collected a bunch of great recipes so, even if I decide not to do this thing...we'll all eat good...:o)
Here's wishing all the nice folks on this group good things for the year ahead.

Blowin' smoke in Bardstown