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12-14-1999, 17:35
Hello all-

Wondering if anyone knows if they make "Cherry Flavored Bourbon"???


12-17-1999, 14:01
I certainly hope not.

(I don't know of any flavored bourbons, except pre-mixed mint juleps.)

- chuck

12-18-1999, 21:52
There's quite a tradition of flavored whiskey here in PA, the most "valid" being "Cherry Baunz," an old German thing, where lots of cherries are mashed up in rye whiskey (if a few pits get mashed, that's all to the good) and let to steep for about 18 months. It's quite a delicacy. Then there's the northeast PA equivalent of moonshine, "Boil-o," which is essentially spiced cheap whiskey, and quite popular around Christmas time.
Oh, we're quite the sophisticates here in PA.

Lew Bryson
Hirsch Reserve 16 YO: Real Pennsylvania Bourbon