View Full Version : Original Michter's

03-19-2004, 15:57
An interesting happenstance recently left me with a liter of original Michter's 86-proof Pennsylvania whiskey. I collect the Michter's memorabilia, and Ebay is a primary source. Every once in a while, I sneak a full container out at a reasonable price because the seller has placed it in some category other than "Screw-Top Whiskey", where it doesn't draw a lot of bidding. I don't open them, just enjoy them as collectibles (oh, alright, I do pop open some of the cheaper minis). So, I purchased a full, tax-sealed PA college football commemorative, but when it arrived the stamp had torn in the middle, and the cork had broken off in the neck of the decanter during shipping. Since it was effectively opened already, I decanted it. Very good.
I thought about posting some tasting notes, but that seemed like overkill since most will never get a chance to taste it -- it's virtually a myth already.
But, anyway, since I now have a supply that will last me a good while, I WILL post some impressions after a few tastings.
If others have had it, too, I'd enjoy comparing notes.