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05-03-2004, 13:00
Hey everyone,

I'm still reasonably new to this board and bourbon, but have definitely enjoyed all the discussion and information so far. I started out a few months ago when I rediscovered bourbon (while that makes me sound old, I'm only 28). When I started out, Knob Creek was my favorite, but hadn't tried much else...while there's still many to try, I think EWSB is emerging as my new favorite.

I'm still too new to try and describe tasting notes, and when I started out I wasn't sure I could tell too much difference between bourbons. But I bought a bottle of EC12 and can have really renjoyed being able to notice all sorts of differences between EWSB94 and EC12. The EWSB94 was by far my preference...In terms of the EC12, I definitely picked up on what has been described as a medicinal taste (not really bitter, but just a new taste to me)..and in the end I like the EC12 with an ice cube, but not straight or with a splash of water. What was really interesting was when I went back to that bottle of EWSB94 after a number of tastings of the EC12. When I went back to the EWSB94, it was better than ever. I don't know how to describe in too much detail, but I really picked up on this very gentle/smooth but strong earthy? taste that was enjoyable...not sure if earthy is the right word, but it was just a really heavy/enjoyable taste, none of the bitter/medicinal quality in the EC12...

Just a great experience to suddenly be able to tell so much difference between two bourbons, and really know which one I like better...

So, after trying KC, EC12, EWSB, MM, WT101, and WTRB, the EWSB94 has become my new favorite...any other bourbons that you could recommend? I'm in NC (control state) so the selection isn't necessarily quite as large...


John B

05-03-2004, 15:48
You've got some hall-of-famers in your bunker John. I'd recommend anything by Buffalo Trace or Old Rip Van Winkle. They both have websites that can tell you about whether they distribute their bourbons to NC. And the Old Dominion's not too far away either, in case you need to make a run for a special bottle!

05-03-2004, 18:15
Take this with a grain of salt. I went to the NC ABC website to view with not an insignificant bitterness to see what is listed that is hard to get in VA:

1) Old Weller Special Reserve and OW Antique are great bourbons that (experts, please correct me if I am wrong!) might make an interesting contrast to MM, the wheated bourbon on your list.

2) Get Ridgewood Reserve if it's actually there for collectibility, not taste (I think I'm in a minority on my lack of appreciation for RR);

3) Henry McKenna SB is nice;

4) I see Old Charter 10 year for $12, which seems like good buy;

5) Eagle Rare SB 10 year is good, although I like the non-SB better - go figure.


05-03-2004, 19:34
Most posters here have 'graduated', it seems, beyond the more common Weller bottling, but I agree -- the Special Reserve and Antique are fine values for the money. The Weller SR was the first bourbon I really liked enough to finish a bottle. Fortunately, it was one easily replaced. I'm a little sheepish that I currently don't have a bottle on hand (I do have about 1/3 of a 1.75L bottle of Weller 12). I enjoy both of these, and their one-time cousin, Rebel Yell, a lot when I think to buy them.

05-04-2004, 04:49
I moved from NC to SC last year and there is quite a difference in the selection of available bourbons. While there are some good ones on the shelf in NC it is essentially the same from store to store and changes only slightly over time - though occaisionally something unusual shows up. The NC abc board posts a list on the web, updated quarterly or so, and that's what the stores can pick from. You won't find many of the good ones discussed on this web site. My strategy was to shop around while I was on the road. While in NC my standards were those you have mentioned with a periodic dose of Bakers or Blantons on the higher end. However, if you make it south of the border...

05-04-2004, 06:17
Thanks everyone for the feedback....i printed out the ABC's list online last week, and after reading the above post, realized there is a new list (May). I also realized that there are several offerings in NC that were not on the list I printed last week (Feb list) and prices have come down on a number of others...so my current wish list from NC ABC is:

New (for tasting):
Old Charter 10Y
Weller SR
Weller 107
Bulliet bourbon (been discussed on here, new to NC?)
Ridgewood Reserve 1792 (per above post, new to NC?)
Woodford Reserve
Eagle Rare SB

Others to restock (since all i have on hand is 1 pour of EWSB94 and 3/4 bottle of EC12:
WT 101

So, this should keep me busy for a while (I am not a big drinker, just really enjoy bourbon as a new hobby I guess)...I'll look for some Buffalo Trace or OldRipVanWinkle bottlings next time I travel...

05-04-2004, 07:01
I noticed the Eagle Rare Single Barrel on your list. That's something we haven't talked about much here but it is very good and reasonably priced. I think it has gotten a little lost between the regular BT offerings and the Antique Whiskey Collection, with which it shares a basic bottle design. At ten years, it's a good example of a whiskey that is peaking at that age, that probably would start to go downhill with additional aging. Mark Brown considers it to be Buffalo Trace's entry in the currently very active part of the luxury bourbon segment that includes Knob Creek, Woodford Reserve and now Bulleit Bourbon.

05-06-2004, 14:24
In terms of the EC12, I definitely picked up on what has been described as a medicinal taste (not really bitter, but just a new taste to me)..and in the end I like the EC12 with an ice cube, but not straight or with a splash of water.

I've said this same thing on many occassions... For some reason I too like EC12 with an ice cube or two, but not straight. I guess we are in the minority when it comes to EC12 http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif Still, for the price it is a great buy and since I like this one with ice, I tend to make more purchases of it in the summer. That's when I really like to add ice to my bourbon.

05-06-2004, 16:01
I guess we are in the minority when it comes to EC12

Well count me in with you. For some reason I only drink EC12 on ice. I don't know why, but maybe the flavor profile is one that is best enjoyed cool/cold. The menthol flavor that many of us pick up is a rather "cooling" flavor, so perhaps the ice simply accentuates that sensation.